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Steve the Gardening Vet

Our poles were good old fashioned concrete poles with steel up the middle too and the only problem was that to finally break the last steels in the middle, we had to bend the cut over some bricks to open it wide to allow access.

Otherwise It took five minutes!

Miss Becks

Nice! I better get asking around, although not a problem. Have quite got used to the idea of growing something up it!


Its a bit late now Gary but I do object very strongly about you posting my entire photobucket album on here,  you could at least have had the decency to ask me !

Gary Hobson

My sincere apologues, Rain. I was merely trying to provide Becks with some inspiration, and yours is a public album.

hollie hock

Hi Becks,

Enjoying the photos, it's great when you can see the changes happening. As others have said getting supplies in can be very expensive, much better to keep your eye out for bargains- free ones are the best.

I love pallets, they are so versatile and if you have access to a trailor for transporting them.........brilliant. My 50 ft + wooden fence is made up of them all entirely free! I treated them initially with the cheap Wilko stuff...... does the job. In time I might go for a deeper better quality stain. Love the creative idea re the bits of the bed. Always look in skips, you will be amazed at what you can find and adapt.

Some sweet peas growing up the post would look really good.


Miss Becks

Hi Hollie- Hock!

Yes, it is nice to see the changes and think 'I did that on my own!' Although, when I started lifting slabs I wondered 'What on earth was I thinking!' LOL They were heavy! But I love sitting out there now, watching Jess play, and planning my next move. I've sown some of my free Hollyhock seeds yesterday into individual pots. Not sure where I'm going to put them yet. Just got to wait for my wire for the post next week, and my garden sieve to sort all that soil in the beds.

The Doctor

I love standing in my garden just staring, imagining what am i going to do next. My main fault is i have to have everything done ASAP! and i have to keep saying to myself that gardening is a hobby and cannot be rushed.

I am with Hollie with pallets, i built my lawn mower shed out of them and i will be painting it soon. When taking pallets apart, take your time and don't re-use the nails. I have tried this and it didn't end well and the old nails can be a pig to remove.

Dan x

Miss Becks

LOL Dan, I'm exactly the same. I'm going to be here years, but seem to want it all done NOW! And with no help, except a 3 year old trying to supervise me, it just aint gonna happen! But I haven't got the huge land you have! Exciting!

I saw your Mower Hotel! Very Cool, and great use of wood. I eye up everything at the moment, wherever I am, seeing what I can re-use in the garden. I am currently splitting/ripping apart two single mattresses, to get to the metal framework inside, to see if I can use it for climbing plants! The neighbours think I'm potty! They are right!!!

The Doctor

My neighbours think i'm stange because of the standing in the garden and staring, mapping out in my head what i'm going to do. I really must put some clothes on while i'm doing that.

Miss Becks

LOL!! Yep, I've just been out taking a photo of my tom plant, and I'm sure I heard 'What is she doing' being whispered from next door! Keep them guessing, that's my motto!

This is quite a useful clip on training a rose up a pillar if you ignore the gumf during the first minute.  David Austin roses do a free brochure which will give you an idea of climbers that you can get for the amount of sunlight you receive.

The garden has improved such a lot from your first photo.  Please keep us updated with pics.  I'm having a terrible job digging up all of the rubbish in my garden so I empathise.

Miss Becks

Thanks cloud8! I just watched that. Very interesting! I do love roses, and can't wait to get my first ones.

And thanks for the comment about the garden. It is improving slowly. I've learnt it all takes time and not to rush it.


Hi Insomnia1973,

you have had some great advice on here so far so I won't write a novel and repeat what others have suggested!...

What you have achieved so far is amazing and like yourself and others I am in the 'has to be done now' group also!

I have been working on my garden for approx two years and have managed  to achieved quite a bit. Much of the work has been done on a tight budget using 'recycled / free to collector' type materials! I have kept a blog of the work and projects as I have gone along so please feel free to take a look and pinch any ideas which might work for you!?....

Hope this helps

Keep up the good work and our 'has to be done now' reputation!!



Miss Becks

Ooh, I'll have a nosey at that in a bit! I love looking at what people do/have done!

Thanks Higgy!


No probs, sometimes you can get an idea from what someone else has done. If i can help then great!

You really are Insomniac then (past midnight!!)....




Miss Becks

Ha ha ha! Yep. Only bad thing is so is my Jess, my 3 year old! She's still wide awake as I type!


Lol, I have a four year old!!....

Gardening is great for them though if you can get them interested! A little patch of their own is great if you have room?

I have included a play area in the garden which might be of interest if your happy to search through my postings on my blog....

Paths and secret areas are also good for keeping them interested as is spotting wildlife in the garden....



Miss Becks

Well, jess has just dropped off, but I've now started watching 'Children of the Corn'! LOL Wish my corn looked like the ones in the film!

Gary Hobson

Must say I like Higgy's garden. I like the ethos of his garden, and I like the way he's done it. His entire blog is well worth a read, from the beginning, for anyone, if they have the time.

(You can even see photos of the stacks of bags of compost he used to improve his soil; not that you'd want to do that).

Have not seen Children of the Corn, but perhaps you might include space for an altar to the Corn Goddess, if that appeals. Perhaps in the little area behind the headboards.

Miss Becks

Thanks Gary. I have had a quick look, but to sit and read it thoroughly, I need peace and quiet, with the little one asleep. I never got that last night!

And I wouldn't recommend Children Of the Corn. I love my horror/supernatural, but it was just boring! And made me jealous! LOL

Here's why! Their corn...

 and then my corn....Hmm

Just no comparison!