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Hi All

Im open to all sorts of ideas, as I realy do not know what i realy want.

The area in pictures had decking which I have removed, so its now blank canvas.








Would you like any terracing round the house? Would you like lawn? Would you like beds with either shrubs or flowers? Or both? or veg? How is the budget? Do you have a seating area outside? Perhaps it's somewhere else.

If it were mine I would like paving around the house to include seating area. (Can be pricey, depends on the paving and if you are good at DIY) I would like some lawn to set off the flower beds. I would like some climbers and shrubs against the fencing, but the fence should be in good nick before planting.

Thanks both

Yes i have asked help before, but that was for borders for privacy.



Start with what your family needs are, then a rough plan, work out where thesun goes, then think about what you have time to do. All this on paper before you dig



I'd dot a few dwarf fruit trees around in the sunniest spots and then plan around them.  Perhaps put some trellis against fences for climbers, too, while you can still get at them without stepping on your future plantings.

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