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Thank you Dovefromabove. I took Gerald Durrells; Corfu trilogy with me on  my recent visit to Corfu It was a lovely read the first time in ages that I have laughed out loud whilst reading. It's one of those books that one can easily read again and again.


Oh that's so lovely to hear   Thank you for letting me know - you've made my day!

star gaze lily

Will you be having a swimming pool too? You could perhaps have large pots around it filled with some palms etc.

A pool isn't my top priority because I can't swim, but, daft as it seems a boat is! And they cost about the same.


star gaze lily

Iv'e always wanted a boat. If I ever win the lottery thats what I'd treat myself to. Sounds woderful, living in Corfu and  spending days  on the sea. 

Swiss Sue, that could indeed be it. I never saw it in flower, it was in Gran Canaria in December. Thank you.

I think your pod could be a carob/ carab. I lived in Cyprus when I was a kid and these trees grew all over fairly arid hillside. We used to pick the ripened pods and chew them. I believe they are used as a chocolate substitute but as I remember, tasted more like licorice. Wouldn't advise chewing yours though - aside from the fact it would probably break some teeth now, might be something else entirely! Maybe just sow some of the seed and once you get some true leaves on the seedlings, you'll have better chances of identifying the plant for sure.

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