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I did some planting!

Front door:

I tore out the mexican feather grass and put in three little plants.  I didn't look too close at the names so I don't remember them offhand:


I made a container garden underneath the rock wall that you see first once you walk out the front door:


I dug out and planted the rosemary and assorted flowers and plants in the stone planter.  I left the bush in for now:


Out back by the pool where I have that narrow strip I put the mexican feather grass in and surrounded it by flowers:


Lets hope I keep them alive to enjoy the results to come.  I'll keep the thread updated.  I plan to do more every weekend and I'll have more questions for sure.  First one:  What fertilizer should I use  (if any)? And how much and how often and when do I use it?  Did I do anything wrong?  Thanks again!


You've been busy. Did you get a sense of satisfaction? I think you still need a climber up that trellis, but gardening isn't a quick fix.

I thinl you need to soften the hard lines, the feather grass will help.

Look forward to seeing your next acheivements

Im enjoying this thread.

you are so fortunate with the climate in LA.

I love clematis and climbing roses intertiwined or scrambling over bushes and trees.

I also am new to gardening, but have found to my cost to find out the soil ph, as certain plants require specifically alkaline or acid soil to thrive.

I have also studied the garden over 12 months to see where the sunlight is (rare in manchester, uk)

Lavenders would thrive in your climate, and there are so many to choose from which are great for bees.

how about a little wildlife pond, you could use a large planter and have watelillies, in effect im stating what i would like, and it may not be what you would

Oakley Witch

Looking great. I love the bit 'by the pool' I have a massive puddle at the bottom of my garden, does that count? lol mind you. I wouldn't go in it. There was a dead mole floating there this morning 

I love that fact that you have so much colour there for this time of the year. It looks so sunny and nice. I really like the stone planter too. Im hoping to build on myself and now I have seen yours done...I have decided that its a definite. You have made a great start and in such a short space of time. Well done you. You should be very proud of yourself  

I will be keeping an eye on this thread if thats ok? You have some great plans and I like the fact we get pictures too. As Guy Martin would say, 'Proper Job' 

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