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So a little update

I spent the last day spreading and digging 600 Litres of manure into the soil, its certainly started to improve the quality. I thought for my first year I would start conservatively so ive made my vegetable plot 13 feet x 13 feet which gives me 169 square feet. Please see this image

Im planning on digging 2 beds each side and planting, potato, beans, beets, and carrots.

I would welcome any feedback and advice on what I have stated here.


Heather Michaels

Hi Michael,

I'm a real novice too and learning as I go but I'm working on an inherited garden so haven't faced some of the issue's that you've had but I've had some issues along the way, help and advice needed etc and these guys on here are just great. I can't help at all when it comes to what does best nourishing your soil or double digging (who knew there was such a thing?!) but I just wanted to say that what you've done so far is impressive! Who knew gardening could be such hard work? And boy does it keep you fit. Good luck with it and keep posting pics as you go it would be nice to see the progress. P.S. One thing I've learned this year is that courgettes are a doddle to grow and just keep on giving. But then you don't need a double dug bed for those, a grow bag or an old metal bath tub will do, just compost them and voila! courgettes! 


Wish you had kept the trees pal, they bring lots of nature(birds) and add interest to the garden but hey ho, i hope you get all the advice you need here.

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