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As suggested the other day when Bob was talking about his new project, I thought it would be nice to have a thread that we can put our before and after pictures on. Whether it's a new border, a vegetable plot or a 'Grand Design' it gives us all an idea of what we're changing or rejuvenating in our plots.

This is my back and side garden with just the posts, taken from the completed 'front garden' fence.

 This how it looks today - completed, painted, and with the posts cut to finished height.

 You can see how uneven the ground is by the shadows!


What a clever little fairy you are.  Very impressive. I shall take you a little more seriously now!    Ha ha..  A lot of hard work but beautifully done.


I have nearly finished a total revamp of my garden, but I have no before photos, I started late march and have been working on it day and night.  When I have some colour hopefully when I return fom holiday I will post some then.


Fg. That fence is great. You obviously have some serious skills. Congratulations. What are you going to plant along it?


Great Fence, most professional.

I can offer my new bed for this thread if you like, but I did a thread some time ago with it. Fallen greengage tree was getting in the way of mowing so I made a bed around it to appease OH who is in charge of mowing.







Great stuff BL! A change is as good a rest they say! 

Thank you all. punkdoc- I will put a hedge along virtually all of it.  The front will possibly be different- not totally made my mind up yet. Doesn't have to be evergreen  but that's always a bonus. Love hornbeam but may go for blackthorn or pyracantha for more wildlife and to keep interlopers away.

The shed, which is in the enclosed area of 'red' fence, will get moved out to the far end and the extension will also fill a good bit of it. The back garden will then become much bigger and I can get some lawn, borders and planted areas in  it. The gap on the left of the first pic now has a gate, as that's the division of the front and side/back areas.

Bluejan- look froward to seeing all your hard work too 


Sounds like you will have a lot of hard work, but well worth it.  I could see in my head what I wanted my family thought I was nuts, it was like a building site at times, so glad I kept going I can sit and enjoy now. good luck with your project and can wait to see more pics. 


My daughter has made a hedge using mixed flowering shrubs, it's very attractive and has something for most seasons.


BL- I hope to have some mixed planting in my hedge at the back so that it attracts wildlife etc. I need to be careful about the depth I make it so I won't be able to have individual shrubs as such but it's a lovely idea, and as you say, there's interest through the seasons. I think a big attraction of using them for hedging is that you don't have to clip it so often - you can let them grow in their natural shape. I've lived in houses with rhodie hedges  and it's very effective.

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