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That sounds lovely Ggirl  

I might use mine for part of the fence - it's about 8 feet by 6! If not, I'll be able to use it for building something like a planter in another bit of the garden.

Gardengirl , planter look solid , are you going to line it / paint it ?

more free palletts in car park will take a couple more tomorrow afternoon ,still not sure what to build yet 

GWRS the planter if you have not watched yesterday instant gardener - 2 or 3 pallets together stood up planter, a seat, lots of things you could make

Going to line it with old compost bags - not sure about painting it - do quite like it how it is

Gardengirl thanks for info . will have a look 

It's worth mentioning that some pallets are treated with various (toxic) chemicals in order to make them flame retardant or to prevent the spread of horrible nasties, which of course means the untreated ones could, in theory, contain said horrible nasties.

The links below provide a bit more information.


I dont know if its already been suggested as I've not read all the posts but have a look on They have some brilliant ideas for all sorts of things including using pallets. I once received about 40 pallets and made a huge shed but it was hard work to get them apart. Have fun whatever you decide to make 😊


Fairygirl - I think I've painted my couple of pallets same-ish colour as yours.  I had intended doing plant pockets copying your earlier idea (I think it was you) but discovered my pallets had horrendous sticky-out nails which I could not get out.  Ended up having to just hammer them into the wood and turn the pallets to use the other clean side.  Yours will work brilliantly with plants in.

So I took the very lazy option.  Painted both and used one to put on the ground to cover up outside pipes and just stuck some plants on it.  It means if there are plumbing issues - it can just be lifted.  (We've just had a little flood further along).  The second pallet with the nastiest non-removable nails, I've just wired to a bit of fencing and the plan was to have nice little planters hanging from it with colourful small plants in or little fuchsia, but I haven't got around to it yet.  My colour is maybe a bit bright - but the other mad plan (in Scotland!) was to have a brazenly bright bold colour scheme to pretend it was a little Med bright spot.  Bit ambitious with our weather - I thought it would be cheery!  Already one of the big blue pots I planted with a young cordyline in the middle and nemesia 'Tropical' and mini 'Sunset' petunia things has gone awry.  The Cordyline in one was done in with the rain and rotted in the middle and flopped.  So I need to replace it with something!  The second one is still upright but no doubt it will go as well. 

Gardengirl:  what a lovely neat planter, beautifully put together.  You have a talent. I've developed a fear of the saw after sawing down a hedge a couple of weeks ago.  The blade isn't sitting flush and I'm putting off trying to fix and fiddle with it.  Although - that's pretty much an excuse probably for my being too lazy and not having the patience to actually 'build' something with my pallets.  I'd end up with lots of sawed off sections and have none of them fit together to resemble anything remotely decent.

Karen Paul , just looked at the Woo web site you mentioned, agree lots and lots of ideas, in fact saved it

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