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Redwing that looks brilliant - it is a good size for lots of plant goodies

Went and collected more pallets for shed had to use the pallet tool

anyone doing anything with pallets?

hollie hock

That's very smart Redwing. Aym I think is about to start something Gardengirl, she was asking about the easiest way to take them apart, I forgot that you had some sort of pallet tool.

Hammer and crow bar other than a large boulder,  new pallets are eaiser to take appart, got tool from ebay pallet demolition tool cheap ish

still need to buy a crow bar am borrowing next door neighbours, at min they are on holiday will want back soon

I knocked this up today with the help of my 8 year old daughter, eventually it will be painted grey and sage green, as will the fencing and I'm intending to add gravel in the raised bed as a nicer hard standing 👍 and only took 2 free pallets :) 


The tattooed gardener - that looks really good great to have some where to plant your flowers pots, like the tool hocks on the side, all looks a nice little area  please add pictures when painted

Thankyou, I only built it today and already it's made a difference, it's a nice spot to put my cuppa while I'm pottering 👍

Thanks GG and HH; I'm already filling it up. I should have said that I used an old door for the lid.

Hello today I leant how to use a new tool (one of dad's) a hand planer so I used it to make level the small bits of pallets that I fit inbetween the pallet slats on the benches, this is for the new garden project at Woolston

Here are some picture

Just to sand them down and paint top area with different colours of paint that we have left - cuprinol garden shades

Gardengirl , impressive 

Wow, you are a talented lot!!

hollie hock

Loving your work tattoed gardener and Gardengirl

I'm not surprised Redwing, space outside is just like indoors, the more you have the more plants you can get in it. 

I have vertical coldframes, the largest one is a bit like a plant wardrobe

Hollie Hock , vertical cold frame , now thats an interesting idea 


hollie hock

I love them GWRS, same principle but with shelves This is back in May, it will need some minor repairs this Winter

Gardengirl , have seen Hollie hocks vertcal cold frame could be something you could attach to side of shed ?

Hollie hock that looks fab and was nice and full, did the plants turn out nice?  I was looking back on pallet thread do you still have chickens?

GWRS could do something

hollie hock

Hi Gardengirl, no sadly no chickens here.We left them at the farm in the end. Hubby got as far as making another coup but not enough space. That's the compost bin now.Best decision, I did enjoy having them though and the eggs were best I've tasted.

I lost a lot of young plants this year, I sowed way too many, ran out of room and the wet weather meant that the annuals in particular got eaten. I've got a few sturdy perennials coming on nicely though

This frame has been the best so far, I think it takes 4 and a bit seed trays  and the shelves are really wide. This is when it had been emptied out a bit, it was packed.  I'll be using it to over winter stuff.

Steve 309

Finally finished making the café tables out of pallets.  Garden Girl suggested I post some pics on here.

There are eight of the small square ones and four of the next size up; the others are one-off.  A lot of work removing nails and sanding, but the job's done now.  Someone else is filling the nail holes and varnishing.