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What should I fill my veg planter with ? what ratio do other people use top soil 50 % organic matter 50% or could I just fill it with compost .

The last one I made I used part home made compost in the bottom, bit of top soil good bag and a bit mixed with compost and more compost  - now has bulbs nicely in

Aldi have some vegetable compost at min for not much money could used that

You could just fill with compost - it may dry out after a bit so top soil added would help hold moisture

If you are just growing potatoes that would be fine just to use by topping up the layers


Thanks GG I didn't really consider what to fill it with until an hour ago. I suppose if I use top soil it will be more of a permanent soil structure, I can just remove some and top it up every year with manure / compost instead. I would have to replace it completely if I just use compost.  I just remembered I have some turf stacked up behind the shed.

Perki , very impressive , have you put drainage holes in it ? 

I have some very large containers and I always put some 10ml gravel in bottom to help drainage 

Personally I would put a mixture of soil and cheap multi purpose compost in it and mix it up 

Looking forward to seeing your strawberry planters 

No expert

Not been on for a while. This has been keeping me busy for some of the time.

These planters are all made from pallet timber.


NO EXPERT - you certainly are an expert container maker - from here they look perfect, very professional and an ingenious way of using these often dumped pallets - well done - they look brilliant. 


Really strong looking planters. Envious.


Wow! These are all brilliant ideas! I've really enjoyed reading this thread!


Hia GG just saw your photo of your shed its brilliant gold star + well done mrs

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