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Does anyone know of any online software that can help design the layout of patio paving? I want to replace my patio using different sized paving stones in a random effect, something like this..


 I'd like a design tool that creates suggested patterns so I can order the correct quantities of paving stones with the least cutting.



I don't know of such a tool but many paint tools support brushes or a vector graphics program like inkscape could help.

looking at the picture above you have 2x3 1x2 1x1 and 2x2 and 3x1 blocks.  Use snap to grid and a dice assign each shape to a number as you have a number free use that as a free pass. shake the dice draw a rectangle of the dimension shown. use IIII gates to keep score of how many of each shape you use.

You don't even need a computer a bit of squared paper and a pencil will do. Along with the dice.


That Tool is excellent, one to bookmark.

I used the marshalls one for my patio and it is perfect. I used Bradstone slabs bit they came in the same sizes as one of the marshallsa and having laid it o can confirm that its calculations are correct.



Thanks for the replies, I'll give them a try

If the tool is still needed you can try "Pave Designer" at

I've used a paving tool on before, but I've just looked at can't find it now. Sure you'll be able to come across it though if you searched on the site properly, unlike me!

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