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Ive recently been asked to suggest plantIng scheme usIng hardy perennials and lots of flowers. To attract bees and butterflies would also be good I will be given dimensions, description of soil, and location. This sounds like a fun project.... Will post more info soon

Sounds brilliant. Look forward to hearing more.

But puncdoc, we all need to be focussed so no angry trousers. Ok?
Nah - just ants in pants the perils of summer!



I promise that I shall wear something to blend in, so we can all focus on the matter in hand.

By way of nothing at all I have a single male mallard on my pond this morning, which is lovely but seems unlikely to lead to ducklings!


Get on with it then Verdun.  I am very interested having quite a bit of empty ground at the moment. 

Hang on tina. Will get there.
Have asked for more info to go on the forum and then we can all add our opinions.
Already have some modest ideas but Tina, yours will simply be the'll get my coat.....
And I'm still little bit poorly but I'll be alright.....probably. Ha ha

Verdun, you need curry.  I think the one with onions is a Dopiaza.  Chicken Tikka starter, Dopiaza and naan bread, washed down with either alcoholic ginger beer, or a nice single malt, depending on your poison.  That works for me everytime.  Sending you some get well vibes

Thank you mummy. You didn't give me my sweets last week when I didn't tell that lady when you pinched from that shop. I didn't tell no one, did I?
Oh, got info I asked for so will post later
Got more info now
25 feet long by 3 feet deep. Good, moist, deep well worked soil.
Aspect two thirds in full sun ..bit more shade in rest. Possible frost pocket.
Enclosed garden. Protected from winds. Climbers like honeysuckle already established.
Want all year round interest. And attract bees, butterflies etc

To me that plot is good inviting so many possibilities. Only 3 feet deep so bit limited.

Verbena bonariensis shouts out..perfect for bees etc, light tall attractive for months. Budleia harlequin with it's variegated green white foliage is a must too. A couple of miscanthus variegatus......attractive white well as some spikey plants like Veronica's, agastaches, dwarf delphiniums. A couple of good well chosen hellebores, couple of hostas, Heucheras and a wonderful grass called hackonechloa would be on my list. Carex testacea is lovely olive "grass" that would grow well there. A mixture of mounds and spikes....campanula dicksons gold, a lovely evergreen yellow mound with blue flowers next to elymus magellanicus,a blue grass, next to dwarf purple berberis...endless possibilities.
Certainly have good astrantias there as well as astilbes
Daphne eternal fragrance is a must there, some where, too. An evergreen small shrub that flowers for months. A couple of spots for the blue salvia patens and lilium regale bulbs for fantastic scent. Oh, gotta put in allium purple sensation dotted about too
Any ideas folks?

Looking at that wonderful list makes me think you are going to ned more than 25 by 3!

Oh and a scarecrow featuring punkdocs angry trousers of course



Inky blue irises...

Just in from work Verd-need some time to peruse.....

Hebes or choisya for structure all year and for repetition throughout?

Notice you sneaked in a couple of hellebores there- you little devil..


Sounds OK to me.  When is he available to plant up? I will have to look most of them up as I've only ever bought plants I like the look of and never knew their names.

I'll get my coat.


..with all those lovely plants I'm not sure Verdun needs my advice, but I have a border with similar dimensions and have planted it up this way.   Two plants that stand out for me are Lavender angustifolia and Stipa Gigantea and I wouldn't want to be without those... the Lavender in particular are quite imposing I think, even without flowers...   I hope you like it, anyway, even though we all have our own ideas with these things and one person's taste is not another's...



Salino agree about stipa gigantea....the best of all flowering grasses I think.
I was asked privately for my ideas but.thought the forum would be ideal. I love getting ideas from people too so watching this space. I've sometimes seen plants put together without apparent thought that looked brilliant together so........
The plan is to plant up ASAP I believe. Ground is ready. Conditions getting perfect.
I thought about Nandina but I fail with this one. Anyone growing it if so
Salino, your garden is lovely. Artistic, well designed, stylish and a joy to look at. Nothing like a picture to show how things can look when well grown and plants well chosen. Some ideas there.
Do you grow anything else Salino? Veg or fruit?