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I have just had a brainwave where I can put a new pergola. I would love to grow a wisteria but am not sure how long it would be before it gave decent coverage, flowers etc. I also thought of clematis,( not keen on having to prune thorny roses). Any advice and pros and cons of wisteria and other climbers would be appreciated, thanks.

Wisteria needs a large sunny wall really, they can go to 9 metres. You can train them on pergola's and they can look very good, it depends on the size of the pergola, the bigger the pergola the better wisteria look. If it a small pergola, I'd go for clematis instead.

Thanks. Next job is to look at pergola sizes then. Bit concerned a wisteria may take years before flowering, are any varieties better than others? Any suggestions about where to buy a reasonably established one (at reasonable cost)? also considering wisteria for may, June, alongside clematis for late summer, will they grow well together or will the wisteria swamp the clematis? Thanks again.

Would not plant a wisteria on a on a sunny clematis for me.

Wisteria is lovely for a short time only.  Ok. Can look sensational after several years but for couple of weeks amd then looks drab, boring and, dare I say it (yes I will) looks ugly for the rest of the year.  A cottage not far from me.....Wisteria actually a pair of cottages completely emgulfed by a single aged wisteria.  Fantastic in flower......awful out of flower 

Stacey Docherty

Wisteria is also a lot of work to get a spectacular display. Trim runners back 3 buds in august then 2 buds in January..... Fine when it's just a few but after it grows watch out!!! Saying that I love mine and I'm hoping it flowers this year!!! We had 2 flowers last year both eaten by slugs or snails grrrrrrrrrr



OK, think I'll stick with clematis then, easily persuaded.

Also had a quick look at pergolas and gosh they're expensive! But if I'm having clematis I can go smaller and just have an arch. Seen one half price in Argos called Windermere £50. May get a couple of cheap wire ones to make more of a pathway but for now will stick with just this one.

Right - clematis! Spoilt for choice. Should I mix colours and flowering times? Gonna need some help here I think.


3 arches on their way from argos  

Try the large flowered clematis, you'll get two shows of flowers and they can look quite spectacular, just right for arches, or through a climbing rose, lovely display.


Lead Farmer posted a photo of his clematis Dr. Ruppel on his arch. Looked fabulous. I had to buy one!


I have a thornless rose - Mortimer Sackler ( terrible name, lovely rose) and a clematis - The President on my arch. The rose is no bother I just tie it in and prune lightly in early spring - no thorns. there are quite a few available. The clematis also gets cut down in early spring and is covered with blooms all summer.


Had a look at all of those and they are lovely! Thank you.


..sometimes us gardeners can get a little bit out of touch with recent introductions, so if you really want a Wisteria to grow up your pergola or archway, then you can, providing you go for the American hybrid 'Amethyst Falls'... as opposed to the rampant Chinese or Japanese types we so often see....  some people say it has a strange scent... but it has another advantage in that it repeat flowers... 

8 to 10 feet is more it's range...  just thought you might like to know...and of course Wisteria's are never cheap...

Thanks salino, just looked at the combinations you suggested earlier and they are lovely and would work well. Night.
Theses look amazing.

Also groupon have a de for arches
Stacey Docherty

have you looked at Taylor's clematis you will be spoilt for choice!!



They look surreal Bluebaron! Got the arches but thanks for groupon link,

Stacey, got lots listed as favourites at Taylors

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