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Hi....bit sheepish.  Meant to wait until grasses and perennials were out.  It's the grasses I think make my garden

Thanks though. BusyL. What I want is a garden your size.  


Gardening Grandma

Just found this thread. Fabulous garden, Verdun. Do your neighbours try to live up to it? And when is your open day?

Open day?  Not that arrogant I hope GG.  

I hope to persuade more of you to grow grassss so will post some pictures of them soon.  Nobody seems to enthuse about agastaches either so a pic of some of these might tempt you when they open fully.  And a new tender salvia called Amistad now opening. It looks stunning even though not fully out yet

Verdun i've got a full tray of mixed Agastaches in the greenhouse going outside on Sunday hopefully they do well for me in the garden. 


Andy, be interesting to see them

Verdun i will post a photo tonight of them for you to see busy day ahead gardening club outing.

Ok, enjoy your day Andy

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david1david - advertising - reported!


Reported it on another thread too Sue 

Gardening Grandma

I have just planted agastaches, Verd, grown from seed by moi.

Thought you might have opened your garden under the NGS, or even be part of an open village. You have too much sense of humour to be arrogant, cos humour goes with a sense of proportion.

Gardening Grandma, Do you have a garden assistant?  moi?

I'm always being pushed fo either show my veg or my garden in the local show.  I feel it would spoil my enjoyment of growing purely to eat, as in the veg section, or of growing for competition.  I am a very competitive person but in the garden I dont want that edge.....make sense?  We all have the best gardens because they're our own creation and what makes us happy....???

Nice sentiments tho GG..thanks



Verdun just not good enough!!!!!...the pics not the garden...thats fabulous. Can't enlarge to look at the plants  have to know whats in there lol.

Verdun sorry tried a few times to upload photo and it's not letting me will keep trying for you have not forgot. 



I have grown agastache, but not always successfully. One year they were Apricot Sprite that I grew from small bought plants, they were super. Then I tried a purpley one but it didn't thrive. I've tried sowing them but they didn't germinate. This year I have a pink one called Heather Queen bought as plug plants. They are still tiny, have only just started growing and I planted them out in May. They rarely last the winter here. What am I doing wrong?

Hiya busyL

My varieties include black adder and sangria that survived the winter.  I have Blue Boa, raspberry summer. and a couple of others too.  I'm taking basal cuttings of all of them to,overwinter in the GH.  

Its the wet that agastaches don't like down here so I guess I could treat them by covering with raised sheet of glass.  They are bit tender so cold will kill them too. Its third year for me with black adder and sangria but others are new so very much a learning curve.  However, from young small plants they are, most of them, in full flower. black adder, for example, is 4 or 5 feet tall.  Blue boa is 3'.  Eye catching, erect and long flowering.  Will post pictures in couple of weeks so forum can judge them


Wow verdun your garden is amazing!

I am new to gardening and after advice what are the tall trees and rounded trees in your garden called?

Would love to recieve any advice from you!

Hello amerie2

Thats nice ..thanks.

It looks better now that my summer perennials and grasses are flowering. Those pictures were taken between spring going over and before summer got going.  But those evergreens will still provide something throughout the year and I guess that's what you want to.

I grow quite a few evergreen shrubs....I,love Taxus conifers that you prob are referring to.  Many shrubs can be "topiarised" after flowering too.  Things like choisyas, Ribes. Pittosporums, senecios, escallomias,etc can simply be trimmed to a rounded shape after flowering. Others like nitida Baggesons gold, euonymous, hollies, etc can also be shaped....following their natural habits....

A lot of guys on the forum can give you  advice too.  Find out what your soil is first.....light or heavy, it's ph value, etc.....then if it's a warm garden. (here in south west it's very mild)  what size is your garden?  What do you want to grow ?  Lots of flowers.?  Evergreens?  Low maintenance?  You,will be inundated with ideas.  

Maybe post a picture of your garden to give us an idea...?


super garden verdun.. must say i am little envious of your well manicured lawn and shrubs.. stuffed full or gorgeousness