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Hello amerie2

Thats nice ..thanks.

It looks better now that my summer perennials and grasses are flowering. Those pictures were taken between spring going over and before summer got going.  But those evergreens will still provide something throughout the year and I guess that's what you want to.

I grow quite a few evergreen shrubs....I,love Taxus conifers that you prob are referring to.  Many shrubs can be "topiarised" after flowering too.  Things like choisyas, Ribes. Pittosporums, senecios, escallomias,etc can simply be trimmed to a rounded shape after flowering. Others like nitida Baggesons gold, euonymous, hollies, etc can also be shaped....following their natural habits....

A lot of guys on the forum can give you  advice too.  Find out what your soil is first.....light or heavy, it's ph value, etc.....then if it's a warm garden. (here in south west it's very mild)  what size is your garden?  What do you want to grow ?  Lots of flowers.?  Evergreens?  Low maintenance?  You,will be inundated with ideas.  

Maybe post a picture of your garden to give us an idea...?


super garden verdun.. must say i am little envious of your well manicured lawn and shrubs.. stuffed full or gorgeousness


i Have agastache Apricot sprite this year. Is it not that hardy then? Never grown them before but like the flower and the colour shade.

Hiya matty

I grow black adder, blue boa (this is my favourite), sangria, raspberry summer, summer Love and summer sky.  I guess they will be tender further east and north but already I have taken basal cuttings.  Don't have apricot sprite....will look it up.  Sounds good.  I'm trying to avoid those that seed everywhere so deliberately avoided them.  For sheer volume of flower on erect ...some very tall....plants what can beat agastaches?

 Verdun hope this picture turns out for you been trying to post it for a few days its my tray of Agastache.


Pennine Petal

Verdun, what a beautiful garden and packed to the brim. I hope you get the time to just sit and enjoy it. My garden is tiny, still don't manage to get everything done that I want too. Roll on retirement,  the sooner the better. Unfortunately in the band that will now have to work another 6 years. Work definitely gets in the way of my gardening.

Pennine, damnation to work eh?  Can't your bossss pay you to work in your garden?  It would be nice of them!

Andy, will check out your photo on desktop later.  This iPad doesnt always show pictures.  I think it's exciting....a tray of agastaches should mean quite a variety. I would grow some on over the winter in the GH too for next year.  

It will be interesting to see them in flower


I had Apricot Sprite, the first year it was on the small side, the second year it flowered it's socks off, really lovely, third year it had disappeared. Now I have a pink one, it's on the small side, hoping for better next year!

That's interesting busyL.....thanks. So it survived it's first winter then?  I believe agastaches aren't long-lived but most things that flower profusely do give up after a couple of years.  I think agastaches need an early get that here.  Do you know the name of your pink variety?  


Far too much effort for one person to put into that.  You must be some sort of robot!  I would be too scared to step on the lawn.  Very impressed!

y e s......I am a robot.  actually the lawn is for playing on, for the dog to lie on and for unlimited traffic.  not obsessed about keeping off it


Verdun, what can I say? It's faberoony


Verdun, my agastache is Heather Queen.


Verdun you garden is beautiful, you must be very proud of it. 

BusyL,  a named variety then?  Or is it seed strain?  Do you like it?  Picture?  



Well, as we say in Essex, you garden is totes amazeballs! Do you have a summer pic?

Hiya 4thpanda

May try and post some pics of grasses and late summer perennials.....heleniums, cannas, dahlias, agastaches, acteas, salvias, rudbeckias, etc. all enjoying the season.


Please do, Verdun - we are waiting eagerly for the next instalment


Verdun, has your camera broken or are these grasses and perennials just a figment of your imagination? If its the latter you can always fool us by uploading some from google images 

Sorry mrs garden......they're a ffffffffffigment,of my imagination!  Ha ha. ,cheeky!  

I have posted pics where some grasses can be seen.

Dont like to overpost pics but will do stipa gigantea, Tennuissima, hordeum, ,elymus, pennisetums, calamagrostis Overdam, Karl Foerster and several deschampsias in flower.  Miscanthus varieties and Panicums still to show their flowers.....late September for this.  So, nice dry day then and I will google.....Er,photograph them.