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hiya folks

thought i had better show some pics so here goes.  Intended to wait until grasses were flowering and summer perennials were flowering but can do that later







Verd- it's rubbish........

Seriously my could you possibly squeeze in another plant- no wonder you're always busy!

And you'll be wanting that Black Dragon Iris...

Looks beautiful Verdi. A plantsman's plot right enough  


Impressive! I love your structure and colour contrasts.


Omg! Stunning. So much work and expertise. So envious. Can't wait to take a closer look on pc ( rather than on phone)


Don't like it Verd.

Love it. Now I know why you are such a busy bee and so knowledgeble.

Any chance of seeing anything untidy or a work area

Thanks for sharing.


Absolutely beautiful

Pressure from my niece to

However it's my grasses that I love....they are there but not flowering  for few weeks yet.  Also agastaches, dahlias, salvias, echinaceas and other summer stuff that is yet to flower so it's all interim at moment. But it's fairly low maintenance too.  Love to have the estate that woody has though!


Verdun that's gorgeous, I can only dream of a garden that looks that good.  I need about 4 times the space I have now!


Sooooo lovely .  Looks absolutely beautiful

Make sure you post again when the next wave of flowers takes over ....


Fantastic, Verdun,

Thats looks like the winner for the best kept garden to me.

Have you entered for the Daily Mail Garden of the year? I think you'd be in with a good chance.


Verdun, I hate it.  It's far, far to cluttered and untidy.  You really ought to spend more time on it.

I am green with envy.  It is absolutely beautiful.  So pleased you finally got round to posting your pics.  If it was mine, I would want everyone to see what I had created. 

Thank you Verdun.

Like I said, ideally wanted to post in few weeks just to show off the grasses and agastaches.  Agastaches are just starting and if you havent grown the new boa, sangria, black adder, raspberry summer etc...then you are missing great stuff folks.  And, they ARE low maintenance.  What else flowers all summer, gives height, tremendous flower colour in pinks, blues, purples, reds on well behaved non-staking plants?  Will post pictures of these in full flower to convince you.

You're so nice always



Wonderful Verdun. Love the way that grass is it Stipa Gigantea (in the last picture) - looks like a firworks at the back of the flowers.

It must be a pleasure to work in as well as to look at.

thank you


Are others willing to share pics?  I know it's a hard act to follow, but I'd love to see everyone's ideas...



Kirsty - if you like looking at photos (I do !!) then there are a couple of threads on here you might like.  One is 'Garden Gallery 2013', and the other is 'Summer has arrived'.  They are pretty much pics and nothing else (well the odd bit of chat here and there too) - enjoy


Only one word, WOW!

Verdun great garden by reading your posts on this forum we know you knew your stuff and these photo's prove that a real class garden well done.