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 Hi all

just trying to get to grips with this picture uploading buisness. hopefully this shows some pictures of the garden in June


Will quote your pictures over there Nigel -so they are in both places

Really good

Whats the yellow plant in the top picture?

Lovely garden




the yellow flowers are phlomis. Nice shrub, great seed heads after the flowers and evergreen with grey/green leaves.


What a lovely garden and house. I saw these photos first on the garden gallery thread and wondered where they came from.

Envious of the photos. Please tell me, that smallish tree..the pink flowered one - 4th photo in - what is is called please? And is it evergreen perhaps? take a while to grow?


garjobo. The tree is Acer palmatum rubrum. Not evergreen Im afraid but lovely from spring onwards and in autumn the leaves become almost painfully bright red.

Thank you Nigel for the speedy reply. I will add the name to my, although not evergreen, it appears the right height for what i have in mind.

You clearly know your gardens..any evergreen tree/plant ( which will grow 6 -10ft perhaps ) adding more privacy than anything else to my garden?

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