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I am always keen to find new combinations that look good together and work well.  I've posted a couple of mine, do you have any to share (don't forget to post info)


Tulips Burgundy and Ballerina.  Flowered together and looked great. Lasted well too.

I've just planted clematis Westerplatte (purple/red) and

Omoshire (white with purple edging).  I saw it at the Malvern spring show last year.  Guess which photo is which

Both type 2 hope they will flower together next year.


Arthur Bell rose and toadflax. No pic as toadflax isn't out yet.

Dark blue hardy geraniums and Californian poppies.

My combination Rubeckia Goldsrum and Agapanthus North Star. The orangey yellow flower of Rubeckia against the dark blue flower of the Agapanthus 


There's a bit of a yellow/orange with purple/ blue theme running so far

I also like pink(not Barbie) with blue.

plant pauper

I planted this up for "Spring" and it's still going strong. Reds and yellows in early tulips with heucheras that I got reduced because they had no labels but I knew they would go with the tulips. There's a wee skimmia hidden in there too and I had viola Amber Kiss and crocus chrysanthus Herald which have gone over.

Not bad for me. Usually it looks nothing like I've planned but I'm happy with this one.


PP, you do realise you've now lost all cred on the G.O.S. thread.............

plant pauper

No no no no no that's not how it works.

Every last one of those eejits over there has posted glorious pictures of planting and lovliness...including your good self BCD! All you have to do is turn round and face the other way and it's like walking into Dante's Inferno! 

Now If I were to take a step or two back and widen the field of view, things might be different. Who knows?

Hazel --

Yviestevie, love those tulips, they  looks soooooo nice together!

We don't really have plant combinations. We tend to just put stuff in where we want ,see what they look like and leave them if they look right or move 'em if they don't .

We do like orange though and with the blues and purples and pinks and reds and yellows and white (!) around the garden, we get a lovely display of colours- when they decide to flower in the summer!

OH has quite a few troughs and he has some nice combinations of alpines. They are his  domain though, I don't get a look in........

Buttercupdays- GOS thread? Is that the thread where all the ....... stuff...... is lol??!

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Some of my favourite combinations today.


Last year most of my pots combination included mini petunias called 'Sunset' (I think) which were orangey - and as I had bought a few trays of them (on a very cheap offer) - I had orange all over the garden whereas I'd avoided it before.

This year, as of today, I don't have much in bloom just yet except for one little bed which I'm quite pleased with but still have to finish this year.

I like the fiery orange geum Prinses Juliana (or Julianne?) with the shiny red of the Centranthus Rubra (or Ruber?) - and the 2 heuchera 'Lime Marmalade' are bright light green at the time the Pieris 'Forest Flame' on the right side turned to it's very pale plumage.  I like they way they've worked out so far.  Bottom right are Centaurea (only couple of flowers yet) - but by the time the Pieris changes again to its summer darker green, the roses will be blooming and the colour scheme will change again.    I think I've maybe posted the same pic on this forum related to having to be reminded what the Centrathus plants were called because I'd forgotten.  So apologies if it's the same boring photo.  There's not much else in bloom just now to show any 'combinations'.  Behind the orange geum is a tall bamboo great wall.  There's a obelisk back middle supporting rose 'Grace' which is various shades of yellow but a subtle yellow not bright.  It's on the obelisk this year only because I forgot to prune it in the spring so it's tall and leggy for this year - but - this misfortune means the flowers will be high enough to stand out above the rest of the plants there.  It still needs something though in the gaps at the front and left.  There used to be scabiosa Beujolais Bonnets but I lost both plants in the winter.  They were lovely.

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Yviestevie says:

I am always keen to find new combinations that look good together and work well.  I've posted a couple of mine, do you have any to share (don't forget to post info)


Tulips Burgundy and Ballerina.  Flowered together and looked great. Lasted well too.

I've just planted clematis Westerplatte (purple/red) and

Omoshire (white with purple edging).  I saw it at the Malvern spring show last year.  Guess which photo is which

That's a brilliant thread. As a new(-ish) gardener i started buying the plants i saw in magazines but they didn't quite looked the same plonked in the garden... They should say right plant, right place, right neighbours. I now play musical plants, trying to find the best spots. 

Sorry no pictures, it's raining!

I have rose Darcey Bussell (deep raspberry red) with a blue geranium

rose Gertrude Jekyll (mid pink) with very dark aquilegia. I'm also planning to move a dark blue delphinium nearby

rose crown princess margareta (soft orange) with clematis warsaw nike (deep purple) that's where the lighter blue delphinium is going to go... Argh, i hate the mixed colour seed packets!

There are also a few self seeded annuals that seem to have found perfect partners. I'll try to save my own seed mixes. 

I really like your tulips Yviestevie. I have orange, purple and really dark for the borders near the house and purple, pink and cream further away. As there isn't much in flower that time of year, i like to have the garden really colour coordinated late winter and spring. I relax a little bit in summer... Only a little bit... i've been pulling out all orange californian poppies who dare grow at the back 😉. Cream ones only!

I've just realised I quoted and it didn't post my text! I have clematis westerplatte that I bought at Malvern, I love it. It's such a bright, rich colour. It'd be nice to put 2 in but it's in a container so I think one is enough.

I planned my whole garden around contrasting colours, I love how bright and colourful it is even in winter. I have heuchera citronelle next to berry smoothie and I love how good the yellow/lime and pinky purple look together.

I have some red roses to go in (im pulling my socks up) but cant think what would go well with them.  I think Salvias are supposed to keep them healthy but im just thinking for a colour point of view.  Any ideas?  They are supposed to have a long flowering period.

Red roses and......??



i really like the pink and blue theme too B3.  Took this picture last month. Baby blue of mysotis, pink bergenias and deeper blue of ceanothus. Enjoying reading everyone's favourites. Apologies if my photo dosent turn out properly. First time doing a photo from comfort of armchair while OH watches peaky blinders on catch up telly (can't bear to watch - too much violence)! 


really like lords and ladies - can't remember proper name! I know lots aren't keen on it. But it cones up every year with the mysotis that's self seeded! I really like that together with some belllis daisies. 


I use a 'trick' to find inspiration for new combinations: the website

It's a website that collects pictures of professional gardens photographers. So anytime I want to reasearch about new combinations I have a look at that website and start to plan my border.

Anyway, my favourit combination is Rosa mutabilis chinensis and Cistus * absolutely makes me joyful!


This photo was last year when I had just planted Cosmos Chocamocha and behind it the yellow nepeta which I think is Govaniana or something like that.  As summer progressed and both plants spread the cosmos looked really effective growing through the nepeta.  I'm maybe a bit of a colour clasher freak though, I thought at the time when they were in full growth that they looked good together.  I've been depending on both plants recreating the same this year but the nepeta unbudded as yet is big and the cosmos now shaded by it have only come up a couple of inches so far.  Looks like I won't get both growing at full whack until autumn maybe.  Or maybe not if the cosmos doesn't get a move on.

This is my cool corner where I like to sit because I'm not much good in a lot of heat.  I don't know if you can clearly see what's in here.  There are cream lillies just budding and I've just planted a couple of cream foxgloves to the right which you can't see.  When the pink flowers on the Dicentra have gone it should be all cream and green.  This bed is shaded by a large bamboo just off the picture to the right.  The only colour will be middle right where you see the edge of an obelisk which has Rosa Grace which is yellow but not bright.  I need to find something else which is quite subtle cream and not very showy to sit to the right of the rose which I planted the other day which is Glyndebourne which I'm hoping will fit in.  I haven't a clue what other sort of green and cream plant I could fill about a 2 foot tall and 2 foot wide space.  Any ideas would be very welcome.  Also if anyone has a photo of Glyndebourne in bloom - I'd love to see if it looks as it does on photos I've already seen on the web and on the label.


Geranium 'johnson's Blue' and siserinchium are both in bloom