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Hi all, I'm new around here. I'm reasonably new to gardening but loving every minute. Most of my efforts are confined to my parents garden near Birmingham. Mine is such a mess it requires drastic action - just trying to get some help with it. Anyway my dilemma. My mom has a narrow border (east facing I think). It's fairly sunny and quite dry (thanks to the lilac. The soil is neutral. Although I've planted a fair amount in it that survived winter (and looked lovely) come spring the 6million bluebells pop up and smother everything. I've lost so many plants to the bluebells it's mad. I love the bulbs when they are out, but they don't last. Has anyone got any ideas what I could do with it, so it looks nice all year round. I could do with it being fairly low maintenance as my parents don't garden. (my dad is banned - he rips plants out!) Thanks in advance.

Hiya sam

I did post a reply but forum is all over the place at moment.

I would dig over again to remove more,bluebells.  I would then plant wallflowers can get bare root plants now quite cheaply.  These will give loads of colour over the winter and early spring.  Then I would spray any bluebells you see in the spring with super strength glyphosate to kill them.  Then plant annuals for the summer.  At the end of the summer plant out your permanent plants.  (you will by then understand your soil and conditions a little better too and know what plants you want)

I know it seems like a lot,of work but if you get rid of those bluebells ASAP your job will be much easier afterwards

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