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my dog recently died and it's barried in the backyard. I want to make over that place some kind of "memorial part". I want this to look something like this.



I need you help in choosing right type of plants for doing this. It should height ~30-50 cm, and about half of day exposed to direct sunlight. Also I want it to be a plants whose live many years, not just one.


Any suggestion?

The whole part is about 1x1.5 m big.


Milan, is the green area grass and you want planting in the red area?

Euonymous emerald n gold would be quite nice there...evergreen, variegated leaves and easily shaped. 


Thanks. I just went yesterday in some nursery garden and they also said I could use that plant for the letter.The thing is @MrsGarden and @Verdun, I want that green area around letter also to be some plant, not grass. I was thinking about Buxus sempervirens but since it is green (sometimes light green) and this plant is yellow, but also going to green, I am not sure how good contrast would be. I don't have to use Buxus sempervirensThis is just my ideo for that green area. It doesn't have even to be green.


About that Euonymous emerald n gold, does it grow same speed with Buxus sempervirens? Can those grow together?



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