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Hi all.

There are some plant pots outside my m-i-l's house that she would like to plant something in. Trouble is, none of us know all that much about plants.

It would need to be non-toxic as her house is literally on a street (no front garden), so it would be best if it wasn't poisonous to animals/children and we're not sure what would be easy to grow and to maintain. Can anyone please suggest any nice looking plants that we can pot up?

I don't know if it makes masses of difference, but that side of the house is in the shade in the mornings, and in direct sunlight in the afternoon. Would those little spiky succulents be a good choice? Or are there any flowers that would suit this location?


Thanks for reading!



Can you give us an idea about the size of the pots - diameter if round and depth from top to bottom. Also how many? Lots of possibilities depending.


If they are to be right on the road, how are you going to prevent their being stolen, vandalised or otherwise mucked about with? Trouble is if the display is nice, the plants will disappear.

Had you thought about window-boxes?

The 1-foot square tub in front of my house has violas, which flower for a lot of the year and aren't very expensive. They come in loads of colours too.

IOther people on this street have some lovely displays and they don't seem to get stolen or tampered with. It really isn't that sort of place. So I think we're ok. Window boxes are a nice idea, but I don't think they'll work with this house. The pots are various sizes, nothing too big or too small. About 6 pots, some around 12 inches deep with a 12 inch diameter? Does that help?


Hello Eri

Thats quite  a sunny aspect then.....sun all afternoon?  If so, lavendars would fit in.  Phormiums .....grass like coloured evergreen plants ( red, yellow, green etc foliage) ....would make a permanent attractive feature.   Pelargoniums would do well there, for the summer.  Fuschias too....there are hardy ones ( I grow a variety called Genii which has lovely yellow foliage amd red flowers,all summer)  as well as tender ones for the summer. Red or black Heucheras would,make an attractive evergreen mound....also has nice spikes of flowers..... As would some of the Thymes.  There is a lovely silver thyme called Silver Posie that is taller than other thymes with pink flowers....nice scent,  evergreen and low maintenance.  Some grasses like stipa Tennuissima would look good there as would some of the hardy outdoor geraniums like Crystal Lake, Orion, Rozanne, etc


If your a dab hand in the kitchen then try growing some herbs they are relatively easy to grow and rewarding with flavour, Thyme is great in a pot and has really pretty flowers. Just fill a pot with all purpose compost thats a little damp, sprinkle on a few seeds, lightly cover with more compost and water a little, then keep moist, at this time of year they will soon pop up. Mint is also a good one for the pot as it can take over in the garden, as is rosemary and sage. All these herbs will give you many years of pleasure hope that helps, good luck,  post a pic when you have sorted your dilemma so we can see your achievements

Thank you all! Went to the post office today (they sell plants now in this one!) and the lady in there directed us towards some. Will be planting them when it's cooler tonight and will post a photo! Thanks once again, you're all so helpful on this forum.


Its appropriate you,"post" a photo tonight since you bought the plants at a "post" office.  ( got that joke from Fairygirl)

Hahahahaha brilliant! I will post a photo in the morning, as we planted them just now and it's a little dark. But there will be a photo tomorrow. =) We are very proud, as these are the first things we've ever planted. =D We've probably done it wrong, but time will tell! ^_^ Thanks guys!


But as they are in pots don't forget to water and feed them.

Verdun wrote (see)


Its appropriate you,"post" a photo tonight since you bought the plants at a "post" office.  ( got that joke from Fairygirl)

As if I would make such a poor attempt at humour Verd.....



Hello again everyone! As promise, I have returned with a photo. These are the first things I've ever planted. We've probably done it totally wrong, but we tried... *nervous laugh* Certainly, they've brightened up the front of the house. In the end we settled with geraniums (my Nan grows these and they seem pretty hardy, the colours are beautiful too), petunias (again, beautiful colours, we have a pot of petunias on either side of the front door, they've replaced two very tiny, very dead bushes), and something I'd never heard of before called a Purple Shamrock. I think it's great, the leaves close up at night, which is really cool! And apparently it spreads well, so it'll hopefully fill the pot in time. So, hoping that the computer says yes, I'm going to try to upload a photo of these...




 I'm hoping this has worked. Has anyone got any tips for keeping these things happy and getting them to grow? The lady at the Post Office said to water them twice a day until they're settled in, but I have no clue how to tell when that has happened. Does she mean when they've got some new growth?

Thank you once again guys, you've all been very kind.

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