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We completely cleared the jungle that was there when we moved in but now need to figure out what to plant, and I have no idea where to start!  This post is to ask for help with my shaded bark-covered edge, but I have other posts for the other edges.

This edge had got a layer of weed-net and is covered by bark.  It is shaded almost all day.  Last year I (optomistically) planted a couple of hydrangea which unsurprisingly haven't done well, although they are just about still alive.  I was planning on planting in big pots to sit on the bark, but I don't know what will do well in medium sized pots in the shade.  I guess a couple of hardy shrubs would be best, but would prefer flowering.  Ideally evergreen and low maintenance, max 5ft tall.  I don't want to spend too much money.

Here's a picture if it helps:

 Any suggestions of plants much appreciated!


Laura, this link does not work, could you post a photo here? Then I am sure you will get lots of advice.

 Sorry - here we go!  Thanks.


Do you get sun further up the fence?

Maybe for about an hour a day (max) but most of it is perma-shade.


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