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Amongst the complete redesign of the garden I'm having a raised pond (approx 8ft x 6ft x 3ft high). I will be building it and lining the interior with fibreglass for the bespoke finish to our style. However I don't know whether it would be best to use standard bricks or  concrete blocks (dense?). The first layer will be sunk into the ground (at least partly).

Can anyone advise what we should use to best avoid any structural issues?


I built a pond sometime ago

You could consider this methed

Buy old railway sleepers and build the framework and leave the top sleepers unattached from the ones below

Make a pond with 3 different depths.....12 " and 18" and 24" so the pond life have a variety of shelters.

Frogs like it deeper

Make the mold with earth after getting out all big stones and then add sand to a depth of 3 inches and flatten to your taste  and then either add old blankets or go straight to the pond liner to get your chopsen shape

The advantage of this method is that you can be " creative " and can leave a shallow approach for frogs to the water

Now place the liner over the top sleeper and then place the final sleeper on top and secure

the sleepers are not cheap anmd are very heavy  but will give more satisfaction than buying a supermarket mould

You can sit on themin the Summer and watch the frogs and dragon flies

More info available



If it's 3' high above ground level you are almost certainly going to require reinforcement in the brick/blockwork so hollow block with reinforcing rods and concrete fill would seem to be the most practical, if not pretty, way of doing it.  There will be a fair amount of sideways pressure with that depth of water so over-engineering is certainly preferrable to 1200 gallons of water escaping at a later date.


KT53.....I am def not an engineer so bow to your knowledge   re stresses

The weight of the sleepers will form a stable framework

Clarington....let is know how it goes 

Newboy, sleepers if well anchored would probably do the job but I was responding to Carlington's questions about whether brick or block would be better.

I have a couple of raised beds made with sleepers - 3 sleepers on edge which makes it about 2 1/2 feet high.  They have reinforcing rods driven right through and about 2 feet into the ground to prevent the weight of soil pushing them over.  I didn't do that myself, the installation was done professionally and that was their construction method.



KT53......many thanks 

My sleepers had massive nails driven in to do the job so point taken

Lets wish him / her  luck


My brother-in-law has a pond on his patio in bricks, but well lined. I think he built it himself. It's a bit like this one, but bigger, I think it's rather attractive.



Thanks busy-lizzie!

After working out the costs for the 400+ bricks and other materials I need we've decided to go for a much simpler design and use the rest of the money on the new kitchen!

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