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How to secure railway sleepers for a raised bed.

Emma Crawforth

Hello esse,

If you're making your beds one sleeper high you can use pegs driven into the ground. Monty and Chris Beardshaw's video shows you the method, although they're using scaffolding boards in the video.

Emma team

Paul N

If they are original hardwood railway sleepers, they'll be so heavy (I know, I tried to lift one yesterday) they'll barely move but on sloping ground, they will eventually creep apart. My garden is on sloping ground and some of my sleepers have begun to seperate so I need to dig out a slit of soil then lever them back into place. To prevent this happening again, a trip to Wickes will get me some steel plates which I shall screw into the tops of the sleepers.

Modern 'repro' sleepers are light as a feather and I'd use lengths of 2"x2" timber screwed into the inside surfaces. I wouldn't force them into the ground as once packed full of soil, they won't budge. Screwing large angle brackets on the inside would be better too.

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