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It was begun over wekeends and evenings with the help of family too for the initial clearing.  They called in our local Horticultural College to cut down the trees but got someone in to remove them.   He retired 3 years ago and now potters in there every day when they're not otherwise busy visiting friends and other gardens or receiving visits.   None of the plants is difficult or fussy as they prefer good doers rather than mourning over losses and failures.

They get planted, watered and then left to it except for weeding and pruning as needed.   Every winter he ships on compost by the barrow load as the underlying soil is heavy clay.  He has built all the pergolas and trellises himself but got in experts for the water feature and the builders did the walls for the potager and greenhouse.

Her great pleasure is plant shopping and flower arranging so she does weeding and dead heading as she goes around looking for material for her arrangements.

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