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I have a gap in my border and was thinking of planting "the Fairy" there.  Does anyone have it, and if so, how does it do?


Hi Chicky, it depends on your soil type, position etc. 

One of my customers has 4 grown as standards in a lawn and they flower their socks off all summer, they are in full sun and sandy soil.



 Rose 'The Fairy'. Best ever this year - no scent though - First pic with lavender. Has gone off for now but have cut it back so am hopeful of another great show

About 60 -75 cm high spread about 80 - 90cm. This is its 2nd full summer with me.

Just treat it like any other rose - nothing special.

Hope this helps, love the look of it and am well pleased.


Matty - that's it, I'm sold !!

Paula, I am on acid clay, but other roses seem to do well here (Gertrude j, Constance s, Mortimer sackville and Winchester cathedral) - they are all English Roses - do floribundas need anything different?


Most of mine are DA roses, so it gets the same treatment as all the others at the same time. Cut off flower bunches when all are dying off.

Mines in mostly sun



I love the fairy rose. Beautiful photos Matty2.  i planted a row of them in front of a privet hedge in my front garden about five or six years ago and they have grown and bloomed profusely every year.  I like the privet too but I wanted a bit of colour looking from the window and I have not been disappointed. Actually the hedge makes a nice backdrop for them.  They flower non stop from June to October.  At the moment there are lots of dead blooms among the new ones because I'm not long back from holiday - otherwise I'd have deadheaded and posted a picture.  I'm not sure what the soil is but they more or less look after themselves - very sunny spot in morning and lightly shaded in the afternoon. 


Thanks Lavande - sounds perfect for what I want !

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