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flowering rose

The round abouts in my area are real joy to look at and are inspiring as are the all flowering baskets and tubs hanging from lamp posts and shops.The mini roundabout in the village looks a delight with different shades of pink and red with matching baskets on the shops and lamp posts.The rounabout I like the most is not full of flowering plants but a herbaceous plants that are cut back in winter ,the grass is cut round it and is very effective in the display of flowers.They put alot of effort into planting and planning and also they sell the left over plants to help support this.

Bakewell public lavatories won public loo of the year award. Big bunches of fresh flowers  in vases - even in the gents - every day.


Sweet peas covering up the smell of sweet pees.


Fidget - lol.

Waterbuts - must must go to Bakewell ..

worth a detour just for that

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