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16/09/2014 at 20:25

A lovely soft green Fairygirl  a job well done. I love all those soft colours but know they woukdn't look right in my garden - too cottagey.

The preserving of my chairs is almost finished




one more treatment to go Olbixx  and I think they will survive a few  more years. Very pleased with them.

Now looking at a bench, not unlike Fairygirls in shape/style but a mottled brown and lichen effect ! No photo   too embarressed. May use silver grey paint!


Yesterday at 08:12

I definitely don't have a cottage garden Bizzie! The sagey colour is a contrast to the black raised beds I've built. I inherited the bench when I moved here last year and it was a sorry state - covered in peeling paint. I have lots of strong colours so I wanted something gentle as a contrast. 

When I sit on it - eventually - the area of hottest colours will be behind me so that I don't need my sunglasses! 

Yesterday at 08:31

Good morning 

Bizzie I think what you are thinking about deepening the border and curving will look beautiful  And love your chairs, you have done a brilliant job 

Hope you have had a chance for at least one cup of tea on your lovely bench fairy 

Yesterday at 08:39

Good luck with she'd painting today Yviestevie 

Hope you had a lovely holiday.  Sounds like you have been real busy bee since you have been home  Loved your pot you posted on forkers the other day. 

As you can tell I'm trying to catch up today 

Yesterday at 08:42

Lovely pics everyone.

Love the bench Fairy,  lovely colour.

Yesterday at 21:52

Perfect colour combinations Fairy  

Do you have somewhere to store it over winter?

Yesterday at 22:01

Beaus, thank you for the encouragement  

Before I actually dig the border I'm going to mark it out, as AT advises, with string to see how the shape will look. Then sit and look at it for a while   . The berberis needs a careful prune so will do that first anyway.

I saw the photo of your big shed cover-up, by the way, it was looking good then, how does it look now? Any progress photos? 

Yesterday at 22:09

FairyGirl.  Love your bench.  Lovely colour . Well worth all the hard work you have put in. Period Living her you come.  . I'm painting my brick shed door a similar green, I have the paint it's just a matter of when Imget around to it.  Well done FG.

Yesterday at 22:34

Think it's hose pipe AT says Bizzie? And didn't our lovely Geoff do with bottle of sand?

Ill take some update pics tomorrow along with your black grasses  There is some progress as I re arranged some tall obelisks and added couple of plants I already had in pots, a honeysuckle and a climbing hydrangea, that was a laugh getting those out of the pots they had been in for years! I've also added another new honeysuckle a bit further along where there gorgeous washing line is!  Oh and a couple or four climbers from my cheap market man! See I was busy whilst you was Out and about 

Oh RB we have to have before and after pics of shed door please

Yviestevie  where is your shed pic!!!! 


Yesterday at 23:08

I'll take a photo tomorrow BM promise (thats if I can lift a camera).  I'm absolutely


Today at 10:04

Time for the shed reveal, here's a before and after piccy




 Will be planting the troughs with bulbs later today.  The plant in the pot is a bright blue salvia (can't remember the name) it's a bit tender so will have to go in the GH over winter.

Hope you approve.

Today at 10:46

Oh Yviestevie it looks brilliant, it really looks lovely and the neighbours wood even gives it a nice back drop now don't you think?

It's gonna get nicer and nicer now with everything you do ie planting up the troughs etc the hanging basket looks really pretty 

I think your tin container you made the other day would look nice too 

Hope your aches ease soon

Bet you keep going out and looking at it, I would 

Pls update when troughs are planted up, yes I know I'm greedy 


Today at 11:18

my big shed cover up update pics

I have also moved the swing seat so not sitting looking directly at the shed! don't know why id didn't think to do before







Today at 11:23

while I have lap top out! this is pic of display I liked on a stall at the flower festival at Wisley


 and plants I saw and would like to know names of if you can help me

thank you xx







Today at 12:18

Top pic looks liek assorted blue and white agapanthus.   2nd pic looks like perovskia but caryopteris is a good alternative for late blue flowers.  3rd pic looks like a white form of scabious.   No idea for 4.

I like your cast iron table and chairs.

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