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Yesterday at 14:59

  a gentle 'bump' before the tablet realises I'm on here     several posts just disappeared lately. Could be the weather !? Off to recharge  

Yesterday at 18:04

Sorry BM.  Only just spotted this.

OH was already working in Belgium so we stayed in the appartment the company had hired for some of the team who, of course, all went home for the weekend so we had it to ourselves between cleaning visits and cat cuddling.   We took 5 with us and installed them in the house with food, futon and litter trays so they could get used to it before the removals men arrived with all our worldly goods and quite a few plants. 

Today at 13:25

That sounds a good way to move into another house obelixx, whatever the distance 

 I dont know what is worst, sorting through things and packing, cleaning everywhere before you leave, then having to unpack again (and often more cleaning). Having just helped to get a relatives home ready for sale - sorting things out and cleaning! Would certainly have appreciated breathing space at some point.




Today at 13:40

The last two days have been bitterly cold, with sunshine so have spent some time looking through photos of last summer to remind myself of how it looked. The very best, I think, came from  reflections  in the pond.


Then I saw two photos of the first frosts in November. So etheral

   pleased I recorded this different season.

Did has anyone else take frosty 'chic'  photos?

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561 to 564 of 564 messages