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Gorgeous colour Beaus.  Well done to your diy expert too.  

star gaze lily

Lesley, I remember green jelly grass! 


Beaus, love your shed, RB is right looks like a little house. Is it used as a shed or a little bolt hole for you  Love the raised beds too, clever OH 

Beaus Mum

Thank you all for your nice comments 

it's def very much a shed at the mo SGL, full of plant pots, empty compost bags, boxes of garden ornaments still to be unpacked and gardening tools! I can just about get in the door but I know where everything is 

ps I have no idea what green jelly grass is! Maybe cos I'm only 27! X



Made me remember my 5th birthday party ( many, many moons ago!) and I had the rabbit/jelly combo. And racing cars made from bridge rolls with carrot wheels! Don't recall ever seeing the mould though; mum probably borrowed it from my aunt.

I do have a 'copper' (coloured not real!) salmon shaped one that looks nice though, used to use it for salmon mousse in the days when we 'entertained'.

star gaze lily


Beaus, i'm 27 too!............the blamonge rabbit sat on chopped up green jelly to look like grass. 

Can remember making my boys 'castle' birthday cakes with choc covered little swiss rolls and choc finger biscuits around the outside of the cake.

Happy days.


  I remember getting a clip around the back of the head when I shouted out, Oooooohhh Jelly at a kids birthday party.   I WAS 4 YRS OLD.  Iv never forgotten it. 

I never had a birthday party when I was a child.   I started to have them when my own children started to do them for me when they were old enough,   Imtjink that's why I love my birthday so much.   Always have to have a big squidgy cake too.    Love kids birthday cake. 




Lovely BM

Hate jelly  


Hate jelly too plus always felt sorry for the poor blancmange bunny when he was decapitated sensitive soul, moi.

Glad you have lovely birthdays now RB

Gorgeous shed and new beds Beau - some lovely plants in there.  Is the wavy pink one a scabious?  Keep meaning to tell you, your sedums are going from strength to strength - have taken cuttings and now have quite a big patch of them

Beaus Mum

Thank you for lovely shed and bed comments everyone 

I can't remember my birthday cakes! Think we had the cadburys chocolate one with stripes inside? Don't think my mum was a great baker  remember liking to lick the bowl though 

when is it your birthday RB? Your 28 th that is? 

Glad your beau sedums have done well Chicky and would love to see a pic 

I think the scabious you mean is the burgundy bonnet?

hold on a tick I'll find a close up pic then I must go to bed! 


BM.   I'm 28 ah hem !   In January. 

Thank you Chicky, I do. 

Beaus Mum





Some pics from when it was sunny! Rained non stop today! Same forecast for tomorrow 


What a beautiful garden Beaus    and that it!

star gaze lily

Beaus, what a transformation. You have worked so hard, but it looks stunning. 

Such a very pretty garden, thanks for sharing.

Beaus Mum.   Wow, you have worked miracles.  It's beautiful.   Love all the pictures but I love the light in the last picture.  Calm before the storm perhaps ? 


Beaus Mum

Thank you for your lovely comments, makes it all worth while as my family and friends just think I'm nuts! As if?!! 

You are so right RB I think I ran out one day when the sun briefly showed its face!

did the same tonight! It rained all day and then about six thirty rain stopped and sun came out Before it went back in again!

this is pic I took x



plant pauper

absolutely beautiful. just what i aspire to. i try to do casual and shabby chic and all that but what with the ocd and very scientific core, i find willy nilly difficult. even when i try, i find little squares and triangles appearing damn those straight lines!!! one day i WILL have a garden with fairies at the bottom. I WILL!


So lovely

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