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Beaus Mum





Some pics from when it was sunny! Rained non stop today! Same forecast for tomorrow 


What a beautiful garden Beaus    and that it!

star gaze lily

Beaus, what a transformation. You have worked so hard, but it looks stunning. 

Such a very pretty garden, thanks for sharing.

Beaus Mum.   Wow, you have worked miracles.  It's beautiful.   Love all the pictures but I love the light in the last picture.  Calm before the storm perhaps ? 

Beaus Mum

Thank you for your lovely comments, makes it all worth while as my family and friends just think I'm nuts! As if?!! 

You are so right RB I think I ran out one day when the sun briefly showed its face!

did the same tonight! It rained all day and then about six thirty rain stopped and sun came out Before it went back in again!

this is pic I took x




plant pauper

absolutely beautiful. just what i aspire to. i try to do casual and shabby chic and all that but what with the ocd and very scientific core, i find willy nilly difficult. even when i try, i find little squares and triangles appearing damn those straight lines!!! one day i WILL have a garden with fairies at the bottom. I WILL!


So lovely


Gorgeous garden Beaus and such a lovely view

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