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Beaus Mum

Hi Girls, just catching up on your posts 

Thank you so much Liri on your lovely compliments about my garden.  I'm loving the lady of leisure life so far and can not wait for the weather to improve so i can get out there again.  I already have a stash of  shrubs and perrenials to plant and don't know how many seeds to sow! 

Rosemummy wold love to see pics of all your hard work 

Obelixx your new home looks amazing.  Have you tried Pinterest for decorating ideas? It's fantastic and really great for ideas.

Liri is your home a cottage? I am not a fan of silk paint myself but it sounds like you already have the perfect back drop with your colours and like Obelixx says maybe you just need some accessories.

Would you consider changing the stair carpet? As its right there when you open your front door changing it could make an amazing impact and change.  Also do you have carpet on the 3ft hallway square? 

if yes maybe you could change to bright patchwork tiles? They do some fabulous ones or wood flooring?

One last thing I would only have coats and shoes out that you wear every day and have them hang on nice new coat hook or simple shaker style wooden pegs and then maybe a nice basket to chuck your shoes in.

Yes I spend far too much time looking at interior magazines and on Pinterest 

Since I have moved to my new house I'm more modern country than shabby chic now  I have re decorated most rooms and currently awaiting wall to be knocked down between little dining room and kitchen.

It has taken ages to type all this so hope it goes through! Xx


The white-painted stairs make all the difference, Obelixx, though I can see how the red might be rather too strong a look on a dull day.  I was considering painting our staircase white, but we'd need a runner; the noise of people thundering up & down stairs goes through the party walls of this terrace.


Beaus mum - hi, we overlapped there!  As you can see from my answer to Obelixx, I'd certainly consider replacing the stairs carpet.  My staircase is enclosed - party wall on one side, living room wall on the other.  I saw a photo of a similar staircase with white-painted stairs with a striped runner, which looked really good.  The little hallway is "carpeted" with rubber-backed coir door matting, because the lane outside is really muddy, so it's the only practical flooring for the entrance.  It's part of an 1850s terrace of millstone grit houses in a Yorkshire ex-mill town in the Pennines, so not exactly a cottage.  


A runner would be very practical and is considered typically English here.  Not what the French do at all.

Those stairs are no longer very white.  Between their removals and ours, they're looking distinctly worn and even chipped in a couple of places so will need re-painting when we've finished making messes.  She insisted everyone remove shoes for going upstairs but you can't do that to removals men and plumbers.

The floor tiles are sort of terracotta with bits of cream plus grey grouting so it all needs lifting a bit.

Beaus Mum

Hi Liri, hope you don't mind i looked up millstone grit houses and they are gorgeous 

I think i would carpet all the stairs and not have a runner.  Carpet Right (not sure if you have these stores up north?) have lovely new lines in which i was only looking at this weekend  They have the pin stripe in all colours and at good prices.  They are on trend right now but in my opinion timeless 

Obelixx had you thought about taking the treads on your stairs back to wood and keeping the rest white?

Other thoughts were to change lamp shade to maybe a clear glass type.  Rattan runner on the tiled floor. Last thing but think you wont like as tried zooming in on your mirror and cabinet and they look like proper antiques and lovely but have you considered painting?  Last thing a larger picture on the right?

yes I'm a very busy lady of leisure lol x



BM - that cabinet and mirror and artwork are the previous owners'.   I have a cherry sideboard in a similar colour and a large, bevelled mirror in a stained pine frame which I picked up in a brocante and always intended painting cream.  The sideboard may end up in the annex and then I can have something paler and less solid below the mirror.  Funnily enough I have put a larger picture of irses opposite the mirror and I have a predominantly red and cream oriental rug on the floor between the front door and the sideboard.  Our lights have red cable and fitting with a white glass shade.


Hi BM - wouldn't describe our house as "gorgeous", though there certainly are some lovely ones about.  Ours is 40 years too young to have the rows of mullioned windows you get in late-18th to early 19th century weavers' cottages - but it does have huge stone fireplaces and lots of draughts...  

My reason for suggesting painting the stair edges is that even with a relatively light-coloured carpet, it's really dark when you get to the top of the stairs.  There's only indirect light on the landing, if we leave internal doors open (so we do).  And I guess OH will say "nothing wrong with the carpet we've got..."  Ah well.  We can dream...  


Bought a solid pine cupboard on Tuesday for 89€ and went to fetch it yesterday, armed with roof rack.  They told me it had a matching chest of drawers going for 39€.  Turned out to be large and a snip so it came home too.   I'm planning to give them both a good clean to remove any wax, oil or varnish then paint with a wood wash to soften the golden tones.  I reckon they have enough decoration already so no stencilling or special effects.

Any thoughts on that plan?


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they are sooo gorgeous! I have a wine rack/cupboard rather like those and I've got 5 tester cards lined up to decide the exact colour, I want it kind of the colour of the sea on a cloudy day..,yes, I'd just paint or colourwash them , no special effects needed there


Thanks RM.   Would love to see some before and after pics of yours too.

Beaus Mum

I agree with you and rosemummy they are lovely and your plans sound perfect 

what room will they be going in?


Thanks BM.  The cupboard is intended for the annex where it is currently parked but we need to get the walls finished and an insulated ceiling installed.  There is another bit of annex just beyond which also needs finishing and will become a summer kitchen for when we want to be more outdoors and I was planning to take the cheery sideboard from that very red entrance hall we discussed earlier but I rather like the idea of having the cupboard and surprise chest together in the annex.

Beaus Mum

Hmmmm maybe once they have been painted up and you finish decorating the annex you can place no see.  It's really hard sometimes to see how something will look unless you put it in the space.  I'm forever moving stuff around  just don't fill them all up first   Look forward to seeing them painted.

the annex sounds a great space and summer kitchen! That sounds amazing.  Please can you tell us more 

Beaus Mum

Apologies iPad has spelt loads wrong above but think you get the gist of my ramblings 


When we started house hunting down here loads of  them had a summer kitchen - basically a place more open to the outdoors and garden than the house kitchen which is cosier for winter.

Our kitchen faces north onto a terrace and then a gravel garden which is visible to walkers, riders and cyclists in the road so I decided to use the annex for a summer kitchen as it opens to the west where I'm planning a seating/dining area surrounded by pergolas of roses and clematis and honeysuckle and views of the rest of the garden.  

It's also a ruse to house my Rangemaster because there isn't enough leccy in the real kitchen to power it and no way to provide it without breaking walls and ceilings.   As the annex is incomplete we've been able to run the extra cables through what will be the roof space when we get a ceiling in.   Cunning.


star gaze lily

Obelixx love your cupboard and chest of drawers.  Are you going to use chalk paint?  Itt give a lovely finish and little prep is needed.  Look forward to seeing pics when finished

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