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Beaus Mum

Wow Obelixx you are going great guns.  Can't wait to see pics 

yes creating kitchen diner, it has made such a difference.  Can't sleep thinking what colours etc to do the walls and where to arrange couple of units I have and of course what colour to paint them too 


I know what you mean.  I ended up drawing the floor plan to scale and then cutting bits of card to scale to represent the furniture and shuffling them around till I was happy.   It then took us a mere 30 minutes of discussion with kitchen man who said it was the easiest kitchen he'd ever designed!

For the annex I'm on version 5 or 6 as I recycle or abandon various bits of the old kitchen and fit in those 2 pine pieces.   Do I want a table or a comfy chair?   Then colours?  The kitchen is quite strong and fitted so maybe the annex can be completely neutral and not fitted which will allow me to play with different looks thru the seasons.   Decisions decisions.

And when they're done I have to mull over colours for the rest of the downstairs and that very stripey landing........   One of the estate agent's photos

Beaus Mum

Love your plans  think I would choose free standing for the annex so you can change at your will, sounds great plan.

that is one big landing! I actually like the stripes but maybe different colours? Will you paint or wallpaper.

laura Ashley have 50 per cent off on decorating this week so trying to make decisions by Sunday when it ends!


It runs from rear to front so north to south from the stairs.  I rather like the outrageous stripes too but some of it is peeling and the door surrounds all need finishing.   The paintwork at either end is grey and so is Possum's room which has a huge mural of NY.   We want to keep that but go pale grey on the walls as it is so dark in there and will look better with the strangely green floor.    

Those pics taken at height of summer.  It is very dark in winter.

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Beaus Mum

Love it 😍 I like grey and green and that is going to be mostly colour combination when I re decorate front room.  Going for brighter green though.  Going to paper the longest wall with French ticking apple green stripe.  Clad the chimney breast and paint dark grey.  Rest of walls will remain light grey.

love your rads and look the same as we have just put in 😊

I bet possum loves the room 😊



She hated it at first, then liked it and wanted it to stay dark but after 3 recent visits between Xmas and start of March she agrees it's too dark and need to go light grey.

I like the sound of your green and grey but this grey is too dark and dull for that green and I can't change the floor. 

I like the rads too but they're a nightmare to clean and paint - just done the one in the kitchen - so we'll be boxing in the two in the smaller bedrooms as that gives extra shelf space too but keeping the rest as they are for now.

Beaus Mum

Your green and grey is good too and I have that type green with grey in other rooms.

thank goodness our rads are new as I never thought I would ever paint 😳 They will be a nightmare.

builders last day today and can't wait to get cracking to paint and put my stuff back! Going to sweet talk oh to paint the couple of units and shelf thing.  I may say I'll cook! 😃


Just a though - when we've had walls knocked down and plasterers to follow the dust has continued falling for days afterwards so a thorough clean before you start painting or it may spoil the finish.


Got a bit bored with the weather so bought a few bits and bobs and made a summer wreath for the door.  Much cheaper than the shops.


What a cracking front door and entrance you have Yvie.  Nice wreath too!


Love that paint colour.    Wreaths aren't my thing but that one's really pretty.

star gaze lily

Aww, Yvie I love love love your front door/ entrance porch. It's gorgeous 😍

Love the colour of the door too, do you remember the name of the colour please. Very pretty wreath too. 


Really classy - love it 

Beaus Mum

Everything about your entrance is beautiful 😍

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star gaze lily

Hi Beaus, good to see you. Hope you're well x


Beaus Mum

You too star gaze 😘

hello all, beautiful Yvie, love that apint colour, what is it? I'm in need of inspiration for hallway and all our flooring, it's mostly original floorboards, but we had some floorboards put down when we move in too, all have gaps in them and I spend half my time with a knife trying to clean them or retrieve tiny items crucial to my 6 year old! now, shall I jsu whack darker wax down? Floor paint? Or save up and get new floors...?

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