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Beaus Mum

Does anyone share my love for interior design styles specifically Country, French and Shabby Chic and would like to chat about and share ideas here?

I love to grow flowers in the garden that I can cut and display indoors like the beautiful pictures I dream over in all my interior design mags

Please see pic of my big favourite right now.  I love it

 it is called Scabiosa, Caucasica Blue. I was inspired by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic books

Will love to hear from you






BM - know nothing about interior design, but love that scabious

I do the shabby bit quite well, just never managed the chic to go with it -chick by name, not by nature


I do a good shabby as well


chicky. I'm sure that's not true

That scabious is gorgeous Beaus Mum. Afraid I'm not into interior design either but hope someone will be along who is.  Now, where's my notebook of wanted plants

Beaus Mum

Awww thanks all for your comments and I'm sure your homes are not at all shabby! 

Glad you liked the flower which I have got in white too, really really pretty.  I'll go in my shed tomorrow to find the name of that one in case you fancy adding that to notebook of wanted plants LesleyK 


Orchid Lady

That's a very pretty flower

 I have accidentally done shabby chic around my veg patch and posted a pic on the gardening thread calling it just that 
 I have no idea about interior design, apart from what I see on TV, but here is my shabby chic part of the garden in case you missed it on the other thread 


It's all filled out a bit more since I took these so looks even more shabby, I'll try and get some tomorrow. 

OL flippin heck nothing shabby about that ! ! Looks fine n dandy to me ! You want to see my veg patch ! As it wa a weed patch last year when we moved in n I didn't want to use chemical weed killers - mistake ! The weeds are on the rampage and however hard I try I feel it's a loosing battle - really like you can't imagine. After being use to gardening in a city and minimal weed problem - well compared to this ! BM - stunning flower, very jealous. That's one of the 'weeds' I do like in the veg patch wild scabious, similar but no where near as impressive.
As for interior design I defo do shabby extremely well ! And as for French country style I tell you most of the French are not very good at that ! Trust me I live in the French countryside and a lot of their house are defo more shabby than chic country stylee. Bet your doing it great, love to see some pics. N keep posting !
Orchid Lady

Thanks Lily, but you can't see into my veg patch over the fence, most definitely shabby (and weedy!) at the moment !  I must admit, this is my favourite bit of the garden and the most colourful......some of it totally by accident 

Beaus Mum

Good morning Orchid Lady &Lily3 

Love your veg patch Orchid Lady, it is so pretty especially with the flowers growing through the picket fence, picture perfect  Look forward to seeing the up to date pics today.  Wishing I had room for veg patch but my garden is just too small

Lily3 I am very jealous of you living in France and it is a day dream of mine to move there one day.  Have you lived there long? Is the gardening very different to that in the UK?

Would love to see pics of your garden

Hope you both have sunshine today 


Orchid Lady

 Here you go, taken this morning, you can just see a sunflower popping up at the back (keeping my sprouts company). There is more veg inside the picket fence but in the pots you can see there are chillies, tomatoes and green beans. My Canfytuft seems to have stopped flowering  My very own Nigel wanted to get in on it too (aka Ollie)

Orchid Lady

I really do need to paint that back fence 

Beaus Mum

Wow you have everything in your patch and all looking lovely too and especially Ollie, he is well cute  What have yougot in the sink? I love the slabs you have for your path way. You have inspired me to get cracking as lost my oomph when the sun went in! Hope you have a lovely day and we can catch up later 

Orchid Lady

Thanks Beaus mum. The sink is an alpine garden with a Geum in for good measure , I've only had it a few months and can't believe how much it's all grown.  There is a thread somewhere called Belfast sinks with more pics 


OL, that bit of your garden looks fabulous; love the fence, very redolent of cottage gardens at Chelsea Flower Show. Do you have an old bench in there?

Orchid Lady

Thank you Artjak, no old bench, there's no room, it's full of veg  Oh and fruit bushes to feed the birds with 


Beaus Mum

Hi orchid lady I agree with art jack and it does look very cottagey, the look I try to achieve in my garden but it is hard work and don't know how you do it with veg too!

Ive been out all afternoon cutting back and will try and get some pics later to share with you

Later tonight I'll def look up the Belfast sink thread as do love em!

Ps I've been followed around the garden all afternoon by the most cutest baby thrush  I'll try and get a pic of him too 



OL, could you not put a nicely dilapidated bench just outside that area?

BM; looking forward to seeing pics

Orchid Lady
Hmmm, I'd love one but not sure where I would put it, we have a picnic bench that is on the lawn and I do have a thing chair

Looking forward to your pics BM and really my 'bit' wasn't that difficulty the easiest bit if my garden, I just let it do it's own thing really once I'd planted/sown everything
Orchid Lady

Just mentioned a bench to OH and his face was a bit like  LOL 

Beaus Mum

You tell OH a gorgeous gardener needs a gorgeous bench and if he is good he can share it with you at night with a gorgeous gin and tonic 

Its just took me 40 minutes to post my pics!  They are on the garden gallery 2014 forum if you have time for a look