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Gardening Grandma

Well, time is the issue. I haven't done a boot sale for years, but used to sell at them quite regularly and loved the cut and thrust of bargaining, the fresh air and the friendliness. Whether I'd really start again at my age I'm not sure, but it is a nice idea Ieven if it is only a fantasy, the attraction of turning unwanted and free plants into cash.

I really hope that you have a great time turing your vision into reality in the garden and that the end result is all you hoped. Happy gardening!

Raised beds sound like a good idea, and I like the idea of an arch too. Looks like a great project. I gave my garden a bit of a refurb last year and my only pointer would be to make sure if you do gravel/wood chips in any areas, or even paving, get some weed control fabric down under it, so save you lots of de-weeding in the future! You can put it in the raised beds too if you do them. I found quite a lot of useful stuff on this website when I was re-designing my garden and it was all pretty cheap for what I needed : Good luck!

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