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Hi, looking for ideas of planting for this area (see pic.) hoping to cover with plum slatE chippings and would be grateful for ideas on low maintainance, ever green planting. Sunny aspect most of the day.


P.s just having trouble uploading image - will try again once posted


Low maintenance evergreens include: phormium, bergenia, heuchera, euonymous (some), carex, cotoneaster (some), flat-growing junipers, choisya, lavender, euphorbia (some), aucuba japonica, prunus (some), ajuga, festuca, hedera, saxifraga (some). Hard to be specific without pic, but there's some stuff to look up anyway.. Try to have a few bulbs or easy herbaceous things too, or you'll quickly get bored The odd clup of alliums and other few of hardy geranius would make all the diff. .Bx


I would stick with glaucous blue or grey foliage to pick up the slate so lavenders which just need pruning once the flowers fade and/or dwarf conifers such as Juniperus Blue Carpet, Juniperus Blue Star.

Plants with white flowers would also look good.  Try, ,,,,,, 

You don't say whether the soil is acid, neutral or alkaline so you'll have to check for which plants are suitable for your soil.   remmeber to prepare it well buy digging out roots of perennial weeds and adding plenty of well rotted manure and/or garden compost as you won't be able to do that once the slate mulch ahs gone on.  Let teh soil settle a few days before planting up and then water everything well.

For something completely different, you could consider a herb garden - rosemary, sage, thymes, French tarragon, chives and so on.   Taking bits off for the kitchen will keep them pruned and tidy.

Thanks so much for the suggestions, they are perfect. 


Hebe albicans and Hebe Red Edge

Comvolvulous cneorum if site is reasonably warm and free draining.  Santolina is evergreen silvery grey mound and Helychrisum ....bright silver evergreen with curry scent would look good. Artemisia Powys castle is a soft feathery silver grey tactile mound of foliage.

I would make room for geranium Orion....a lovely blue hardy geranium all summer lomg and geranium black beauty....dark blue flowers on compact mound of purple foliage




here is a photo of the area - minus the plum slate which will go on last.

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