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Just looking for some tips on shrubs/trees. 

This is the garden, very small and basic. I think we're going ot keep the layout as it is but would like to add some 6-7ft trees on the back fence to create a little more privacy.

Ideally the overall garden design is going to be modern, minimalistic and low maintenance. 

Some tall 'ball' bay trees were suggested as they look very attractive and will add privacy without making the garden feel too much smaller. Only problem is the price.. they seem to be around £150 each for the correct size!

Another option was clumping bamboo?





small apple pear and cherry ???? to start ???/

How about a golden holly on that bottom fence?  ....not on the fence but in front!  Golden King is evergreen, has lovely non thorny variegated leaves, red berries and a natural conical shape.  Easily controlled  by pruning.  Lovely looking tree/shrub all year round.  Buy root-balled in autumn.  Maybe plant 2?  Another attractive holly, albeit this is a bit thorny, is a silver variegated variety called Handsworth New Silver.  It has the same conical shape.  

Hollies are reliable, durable and tolerant of a wide range of situations


I would put a hedge of Hornbeam. They can be pruned to be very thin and keep their leaves mostly through the winter.

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