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Hello guys I'm at my wits end with my courtyard garden It's tiny with many requirements on it 1) x2 children (8&6) 2) a dog that poops 3) x2 rabbits that eat plants 4) a cat that poops in the plants 5) large storage shed PLEASE HELP ME it's not a place I want to spend any time! I want pretty flowers n hanging baskets! What can you guys advise on how to design this small space? Xx
Flipping heck you need a garden!, wilkinsons do nice hanging baskets, is it fenced or brick wall?
I meant a big garden :-\

Kelly  Can you post us a picture or two and some measurements, then we can have a go at helping you.  Also we need to know which way your garden faces, how much sun it gets and what the soil's like.

To post a picture click on the small green tree icon on the toolbar at the top of where you type your post, and follow the instructions. 

kelly ours is small we 2 little ones-no dogs or rabbits though!  was paved when we moved in i designed shape and general beds have been planting since seeing what works bit by bit

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