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Hi,     I wonder if anybody could give me some advice on choosing a scented climber to take the place of some bothersome Ivy/

We bought a house several months ago which had ivy growing beside the door and midway up to the second floor windows, it had in the past been left to grow up to the guttering as the scarring showed. We had the ivy removed, but the scarring looks hideous and our idea was to find a good scented climber to take it's place.

Suggestions would be much appreciated.


Honeysuckle and roses are the obvious ones. Some wisteria smells lovely but not such a long flowering period. Need to ask "Google" or look in a book then go to your garden centre and see what looks right and smell what smells good.

Thanks Busy-L. Honeysuckle would be great however they need trellis?


Yes, they do need something to wind around. Wires across the wall attached to screwed in eyelets would do and be quite discreet.


..whatever you choose will want to be tied in to the wall unless you go for another self clinging plant like the Ivy...such as climbing Hydrangea, Pileostegia or Schizophragma... long winded names but lovely plants if you want that sort of thing... I don't think you do...

...climbing Iceberg rose, suitably tied in, will grow quickly to cover any eyesore.. and repeat flower well enough when established... easy to obtain and not expensive...


Salino, thank you. Yes I'm thinking trellis will deteriorate after five or so years so may have to tie. I will look up the iceberg rose.

If its a sheltered position in full sun I've got to recommend Trachelospermum jasminoides. Vine eyes and rawplugs with wire are always the best method to attach to a wall in my opinion, for any plant. Permanent and very sturdy.  

It will "cloak" a wall like ivy, covering up the scarring, but gives off an incredible scent. Better used in the south of England than up north. 

I'm not the biggest fan of Honeysuckle as it can become very scraggly. Has a fantastic scent though. 

Update is I went out and bought two Madam Alfred carriere climbing roses today whilst looking in a garden centre for the Icebergs Salino reccomended. These are similar to iceberg, but, more disease resistant. will be planting them tomorrow


I think that is a good choice. I have two, they do a really good flowering followed by smaller flushes. I've had mine over 20 years.

This is one.


They look really nice. Are they heavily scented?

At what point will these need a wire for support? Just put them in and they have the wall of the house to lean against, but obviously they will need support at some stage. They are only a couple of foot tall at the moment.


The sooner the support is put up the better. They may not need it at the moment but when they start growing it will be harder to put up the wires. They don't take long to do.

They are scented, but not strongly, rather light and fresh, not heavy and musky.

flowering rose

Jasmine ,white or red, looks lovely and scent is good to.

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