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Rainwater Fanatic

What a fantastic transformation!

I have been toying with the idea of giving up some of the lawn area to create something more interesting, but my wife is not so keen. I am pretty sure that if I show her what you have done here she will have me digging up turf by the weekend.

Very inspirational.


Lavender Lady

Here are a couple of pics I took today.  They show the basic structure of the garden now a lot of the leaves have fallen and things have died back.  Rose Lady you can see the trellis at the top of the fence and wall and how when it is covered in the summer months how much privacy it gives.


Rose lady

Hi LL. Will get my husband to look at these tonight, so he can work his magic at the weekend

Thanks again



Rose lady

Has anyone grown the following roses against a fence? Paul's Himalayan musk and Mme Alfred Carriere. I'm getting very mixed opinions from my local garden centre, not to mention from the David Austin team. Ive been told they are far too vigerous for a fence, and I should stick with climbing roses, so I thought its best to ask you.

Thank you.


Lavender Lady

Kel  you may be better to put start a new post on the forum about this cos not everyone will be looking at this one.  You will get lots of advice then


Rose lady

I think you're probably right there.

Thanks LL   











Rose Lady - With Madame Alfred Carriere, I grew it against a high wall (5 metres) in my last garden, it was in deep shade but managed to survive and produce some flowers.


LL, you've made great use of your space, looks fab.

Rose lady

Thank you artjak. I might do that in my front garden up against the wall. I understand it does quite well even in a north facing garden

Gardening Grandma

This fabulous garden shows the importance of a good basic structure. I particularly like the fact that you have used gravel and paving rather than grass.

Eddie J

One word....



There isn't one element of your garden that I don't like.


Lavender Lady

Thank you so much Eddie J and Gardening Grandma for your kind words about the garden.  I am pleased you like it.  Really itching for spring to hurry so we can all begin our gardening passion again.  More snow forecast for today, grrrrr. 


there are smaller ramblers that will grow up a fence. I have just planted Phyllis Bide and Crimson Showers in same situation.

Sue H
Wow. Stunning garden. Am really envious. And its flat, unlike mine.

Hi Lavender Lady, I must say your garden is beatiful! I am at the other end with my garden as I am just starting out. I would love a garden with a similar theme to yours. Would you have any recommendations for plants to start out with?



Wow Lavender Lady your garden looks great, and a huge transformation. You should be very proud.. 


Hi some great pics and comments L-L we just had to replace the decking at the bottom of the garden due to rot!





I've been getting inspiration from here but at mo' have just attached a Wisteria to bottom right corner to see how it does.


Gardening Grandma

Great progress, Budlia63. Let us know how the project goes on. The great thrill of gardneing is seeing how it develops from year to year and the wonderful greening of the environment that is created. I'm feeling very much inspired. My problem is that my OH has to be persuaded to do jobs and tends to alter them half-way through without thinking about the consequences. Perhaps I should utter some dire threats before he starts the next phase. Poor soul - he is bored stiff by gardening.


Yes my OH doesn't really get involved unless I ask for something he's learning not to interfere as I'm quite specific with my ideas once I decide what i want where!  i have extended the rockery/alpines/scree are in front of the deck and I will allow it to develop as I see what it needs.  I'm all for living with it and getting inspiration unexpectedly  I am enjoying the dry weather at the mo' and wandering around trimming back and pulling up weeds do you like this time of year in the garden with the anticipation of what's to come?