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Lavender Lady, your garden is absolutely stunning.  I am hoping to start a tranformation with my garden this and if it ends up looking anything vaugely like yours I will be more than please.  Thanks for sharing it.  

Gardening Grandma

Sure do, Budlia63. I agree about that organic growth that occurs in a garden when you just let it develop gradually, but Lavender Lady also really demonstrates the importance of really good structure, which mine somewhat lacks. We do have a pergola and an open-fronted summerhouse (actually a converted chicken shed, OH did a good job there) but we need to improve the design of the paths and the choice of structural plants to give the garden perspective.

Pen Yr Orsedd gardener, you have a beauty spot to live in.


In some ways starting from scratch is easier than spending the money to change what you have!!

Sounds like you need a good bottle of wine and some garden books for pics and ideas then OH seems to be the practical one. Have you any pics? I've done some more tidying  and oiled the deck so just trying to sort our 'top' deck now but with rain forecast tomorrow looks like I won't be taking pics. I love looking through them for pleasure these are pics in my last garden which i started from scratch and was only there 2 years




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