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Green Fingered Mikey
Hi guys I am in a bit of a dilemma,today I will be putting my square foot raised garden beds together my dilemma is filling them as much as I wish I could fill them with just peat free compost my budget will not go that far,will it be ok to fill half with natural soil or should I just fill with peat free compost a bit at a time other the next few months till they are full thanks.

I'd think that would be fine Michael. I made a lot of raised beds last year of varying height and size along a fence. I've used compost and a small amount of soil but, you're right, it's expensive doing it with all compost. Are you near a nursery? They will often sell spent compost at a lower rate. Probably not the right time of year though. 


I would not use bought potting compost for raised beds - it just goes thin and dusty too soon and doesn't retain moisture - I would use a mix of equal parts good soil, homemade compost and farmyard manure.  It will be fantastic. 


My veggie plot is all raised beds filled with garden soil, some of which came from digging out the paths between them.  They get added garden compost as and when available. 

Green Fingered Mikey
Thanks all ive built the frames so will be digging tomorrow, ive only just started my own compost so I can't use that yet I think I will go down the sieving soil road and add a few bags of peat free compost mixed in thanks again for replying.



You could buy the Lidl cheapo compost, its only 2.00 a bag, mix with garden soil and chuck in a bit of bonemeal or chicken pellets.

Green Fingered Mikey
Same price at Aldi near me Lyn off tomorrow to buy a few bags to mix in with soil also hoping to get hold of some horse manure from a neighbour although I've not asked them yet
Green Fingered Mikey

Thought i would put on a picture of my square foot raised garden beds i will update with new pictures as i go through the stages of completing them


What height are your raised beds going to be? I'm just planning mine now?

Green Fingered Mikey

Planted my first plant into one of my finished raised beds yesterday.I planted my Sedum (Spectable) which was a cutting last year off a friend.

 Millie7 sorry its took so long to answer your post i missed it,Not sure on the height but the boards i have used are standard decking boards.


..I wonder what you did with the old grass turves that were already there within the frames...? I would have turned them over and chopped them up.. they quickly rot down and make such good topsoil over time, and I would then not have so much to fill with compost or whatever else you use...

Green Fingered Mikey
Salino I did just that I took of the tuff down to its roots then dug down an extra foot put tuff in upside down then filled in the hole with soil I took out this left me with half the soil I took out I then filled in the raised bed frame with mulch half way up then finished with the soil I took out and some spare ready for the next raised bed I have to fill.I will admit it took me days to sort out the soil removing all the stones, weeds and grass roots but I am on a very low budget so its the hard way for me I do like getting my hands dirty though

..well done Mikey... that's the way to do it...

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