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I've inherited a statue to put in the garden of a boy/satyr on top of a column with rabbits at the base. It has a poem entitled Autumn but some of the words have worn off. I'm trying to find the poem on search engines but cannot find it. Anyone else got this one?


Can you post some of the legible parts?


diggingd, can you see how many lines to the poem?

I only know Keats " To Autumn" but that's about 30 lines long.


As the days..............the place to rest fair creatures who face the winter's test. The bit in the middle is missing. It's special to me as my Mum bought it as a memorial on my Dad's passing, and now she's gone as well it's all the more important to me.

Thanks for trying folks.



Singy you are a star! Well done and many thanks.


Singy so happy that you found that for Doris, well done you


Having time on my hands, I have been looking too. Well done Singy. It was really niggling me that I couldn't find anything. 

One happy Doris.


I'm amazed at the response. You are all so helpful on this site. Whatever the query there's always someone to help. It's great. Thanks

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