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An area of old crazy paving which is now an eyesore, can u help me revamp it?

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im looking for some ideas on transforming this patch of patio. Its quite uneven and in a slope it also attracts the weeds and looks an eyesore. I dont have too much money to spend as we rent.

ive thought about putting some membrane down and then gravel but i would have to think about retaining the gravel? 

i would love to have a pergola and use it as an additional seating area but costings are too much at the moment.

can anyone give me some ideas please?

many thanks 



You could put some of that astroturf stuff on, and then when you move, roll it up like a carpet and take it with you.


Shame it's so uneven, I like it better than the drain and the concrete path.

Couldn't you tidy it up, spray the weeds with glyphosate and put some pots of flowers on it?

I'm not that keen on gravel, except on drives, or gravel beds around lavender or rock plants etc., as it gets everywhere, isn't comfy to push wheelbarrows on and grazes children's knees when the fall on it. A pergola and a seating area would be lovely. If you have a handy husband you could get cheaper wood from somewhere like a sawmill.


How about taking up the odd slabs, filling the holes with soil/compost and planting some shrubs or flowers in them. Kill the weeds with glyphosate first though.

Thanks for the ideas! 

Astro turf is lovely, but too much money at the moment. 

I agree that the paving does break up the grey concrete! I have been in a cycle of tidying it up, clearing the weeds then leaving it for a couple of months ... only to be back to square one! I really must finish off this project. 

Ive never used chemicals so far and have just cleared them by hand, may give it a try to get rid of them in the long term. 

Thanks again!


SwissSue - i was just thinking of that idea! Must be telepathic! 

Im out to going to buy sone glyphosate. I'll post a pic of the finished article if i ever get it finished! 


I'd love to deck evenually, but money is an issue at the moment

thanks stacey

It looks beautiful Addict.. I may use this idea! Thanks


 you could deck it with pallets . these oblong pallets cost me £2 each .  

Highland Jeannie

You could try your local "freecycle" for free pallets - people often have some to give away.  (We have 3 at the moment but you're a bit far away.....)


And once the pallets are in place there is no end you can do with pots.  Check out our very own Potty Gardeners pics on the Garden Gallery 2013 thread for some inspiration

Love those pics addict... think that or similar would look great in between your patch snowbelle. 


Thanks so much everyone for all your help! I've certainly lots of ideas! Just need to make them happen! 

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