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I grew lots of different hedychiums....lovely, scented and imposing. ,I can see why you would want to grow them farmergeddon.  For me, in a reasonably,limited,space and wanting to,grow,everything I removed them entirely from,the garden.  They do grow enormously underground......ESP in mild areas....and they took over so much ground. They do grow well in large pots too


I grew some hedychiums from seed. The first few years I had them in big pots, moving them to the patio when in flower. I put some in the ground, and they were ok in mild winters with a mulch, but I lost them in the hard winter.

 In pots they have to  be overwintered in a frost free place.

They are difficult to extract from terracotta pots, best to use plastic, which can be cut off. I had to take a bread knife to one, hacking lumps off until I could get it out.




Please post pictures of you project. Would love to see what you do! 

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