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hi there, i have a small victorian terrace garden that is raised. what i want is a love calm garden with a place to sit and water and tall plants for privacy.

it is currently fully decked when i moved in and really dont like all the wood. but too expensive to rip up and try and create something else so i guess need to work with it.

any ideas??

first picture is what it was originally like and second its current ( needs a tidy up) state.





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Bamboo would be a good screen plant, grows quite tall but is delicate too. Lots of potted plants and soft lights with lamps/candles or fairy lights. Solar lighting is good if you haven't got electricity outside. A fixed seating area with lots of cushions one end and table and chairs the other.

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When I had a similar space I build some storage with cushioned seating on top - somewhere to put the compost and pots and trowels etc without it cluttering up the place. 

thank you. dont know if you can see in second picture. i do have three pots of bamboo which has grown well. ive now cut into decking (second pic) to create more bedding area.

i think it definetly needs a focus. i would really love to flatten it all. create an area under window and rest lawn and borders but that would cost alot of time and effort,

i also want to try and create secluded area where my neighbours back bedroom window can not over look.

hi filmbuffy ours looked bit like that when we moved in except paved, laid lawn as 2 little ones, loads of climbers,group of large pots maybe with tall plants/ climbers? it'll be a nice 'outdoor room' look through mags like ideal home they often have some good pics and ideas


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Sorry filmbuffy, didn't see the bamboo. didn't enlarge 2nd pic, oops 

lol no worries. you can only see a corner of it. its difficult to get a full picture of the garden at mo.

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Filmbuffy you could get something like this for shade, just hooks on..available from Primrose ltd.


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