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My garden is predominantly white/ pale colours, early in the season I have lots of white lupins, geraniums, foxgloves and usually delphiniums but they haven't come up this year. I've also recently added a white verbascum, nicotiana and cosmos. However, from about now to the end of the season it's lacking.... All the flowers I love have finished Apart from a white hydrangea and a few cosmos & nicotiana.

do you fellow Gardeners have any suggestions for white flowers that are in flower from July through to august / September?


Japanese anemone or a white shrub rose  White astrantia. In the winter, Christmas box Sarcococca humilis.


I'll echo Japanese anemones- Honorine Jobert and Whirlwind are white, Asters - I don't grow them but I'm sure there are whites available. Dahlias will flower till the frost gets them, but you may need to source whites and grow them on yourself  - I think most GCs sell the more colourful ones generally. If you have room for shrubs - Potentilla will flower forever, I have Abbotswood which is easy to get. Buddleia will flower then if you have room for it - there's a couple of white varieties. There's lots of Clematis if you want a climber, and next year you could do sweet peas - plenty of whites available. A good vertical is Cimcifuga ( Called Actea now) which gets tall and has white or pinky white plumes. Most of them have dark plummy foliage and they like a bit of shade. They flower late summer into autumn. 


asters, dahlias, Malva moschata alba

I have a white shrub about to flower, Clerodendron trichotomum, lovely scent, stunning berries to follow.

What about a large daisy? Ive got some that seem to flower all the time until the frost. Or a nice hardy gerainium, Crocus have some beauties at the moment



Just remembered there's also a white Sedum (iceplant) called Iceberg, if it's still available. I had it in a previous garden but I've not seen it recently. I'd like it for the white/plum/purple raised border I have here. 

What about cobea? Its too late for this year, but ive had them in flower in November in my garden
Beaus Mum

Hi, my suggestion would be the white hardy fuchsia called Hawkshead, truly beautiful and cominginto flower now 


I have white lychnis in flower now and a creamy white hemerocallis, white astilbes, a white dahlia which is just starting to bud up, achillea ptarmica, rosa Jacqueline Du pré, white campanula persificolia, white phlox, white clematis alba luxurians.    There must be other white roses and clematis to try and then white annuals such as cosmos which will flower till the frosts if you keep dead heading, white asters, white veronicastrum, white echinacea......

All sorts really.


Wonderful suggestions, thank you all very much!

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