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i have sweet peas to plant this year and wonder what is the best frame to use.


the area i am planting is 2m square

You can use anything tall, really.  I got two willow wigwams from Argos around this time last year for £20, which I think are a bit nicer than canes (although I do use canes for my runner beans).  One thing I wouldn't recommend are those metal spirals, where you pop a cane through the centre, one end goes into the top of the cane, and the other gets anchored into the ground.  I tried these last year (because I got them cheap!), and the sweet peas pulled them off to one side, which looked very untidy (my fault for going on holiday I suppose).  You can get some very obelisks and frames made with anything from willow and canes to different types of metal.  It all depends on your taste and budget, Amazon and Ebay are always a good place to start, and then some of the specialist online nurseries and Garden Centres, and then have a look what your local Garden Centre has to offer - the beauty of a GC is if you see something you like, and have the cash, you get to take it away with you.

I used canes with those plastic rings that you push the canes into, 7 foot canes pushed well into the soil.
Whatever you use, remember that you'll need access for cutting the blooms etc. One very useful tip I picked up ages ago, is that if you're going to use wigwams made from bamboos, not to make a complete circle, but leave one cane out so you can reach more easily into the middle. Works with climbing beans too.
Oh, but I'm sure you know this, initially, at least, the plants will need tying to the supports unless you're using netting or pea sticks.

Yes Fig, I put net around.good idea about leaving a bit free, I didnt do that!


Bunny ...
I make my own bamboo wigwams from own bamboo bushes and wind twine around , allows them to grow attached but I can pick them easy . I'm going to try some cheap arches this year too to add height in borders .

I grew sweetpeas on wigwams last year, this year I want to try growing them up a metal arch, has anyone else done this successfully?

Bunny ...

I havent gina but i am this year, think il use netting up the sides etc.


I find htat netting stuff a nightmare to work with, and have used chicken wire. I's surprisingly invisible, and also has the advantage that any remaining vegetation left clinging to it at the end of the season can be burnt off.

Bunny ...
Do they cling to the chicken wire ok ?
What about that plastic holed stuff comes in a roll (great explanation I know ) ?

Yes they're fine on the chicken wire, good for clematis as well. If you mean this stuff (or similar) 


 you'll see that it looks much more obtrusive than this

 Well, they don't really show the diffence do they! But IMHO, the wire just 'disappears' and doesn't look so...agricultural?


Bunny ...

Thats the stuff !

Yes see what you mean , shall check them out. Thanks

hollie hock

Think you can use anything as long as the tendrils have something to cling to as the plant grows, sunshine allowing, it will cling on to itself. I've used hazel branches tied together as a wigwam, wire, trellis and other plants

Bunny ...
I used twine on my wigwams last year but the nesting sparrows had a field day ripping them all apart for their nests I shall try some alternatives this year and see what's best , thanks Hollie .

A bed frame head was dumped in our car park last month. its black and a little like an old fashioned hospital bed head. i've light coloured fencing. i'm going to secure it to the fence then run twine over it in criss cross and grow the sweet peas up it. i think the colours should contrast well.

you can repurpose anything!


Woodgreen wonderboy

Large pot ( for trees with double handles), potting compost, bamboo canes tied at top. Water every day or will start to die off from bottom. Pick ALL flowers whether you need them or not, never let seed pods form, and feed regularly with tomato fertiliser. Success guaranteed. I don't grow white varieties as these always have small beetles on them which infest the house. Coloured forms avoid this problem. If you must grow white ones, when you pick them put in vase of water and stand in a dark shed or garage with the door open.Then the beetles fly to the light and leave the flowers!! Be floriferous.

Nicky Dewfall

I usually use the branches pruned from the buddleia to form some type of support, as they are quite thick and tall, and it all gets hidden when the plants grow! It also then doesn't cost me anything! Good luck!

Thats a really good idea Nicky! I might do that, considering I have a 5 metre tall and wide buddleja that I haven't yet pruned


Better get that buddleia pruned quick Ryan, it will make better flowers this year if you do, unless, of course you want it 16 ft tall plus this years growth.