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Thanks Tee Gee.  Very well organised commentary and photos as ever.   I haven't been to Tatton since 2007 - bit of a schlepp from here - and missed the TV coverage this year so your link is particularly interesting for me this year. 


Thanks for the great link, Tee Gee. Unfortunately I live too far away to visit your lovely UK gardens and shows and love looking at them online!


I love visiting Tatton Park. It is good to meet my 2 sisters ,1 from kent, 1from Manchester. I'm from Scotland. We are all gardening fanatics.!

Some beautiful gardens there. Does anyone know if the young trees in the "Vogue" garden (under half way down through that page) that have a silvery bark are silver birches?

I really like them and think they would look really well if underplanted with hostas and ferns.


Tee Gee

They are indeed Birch trees and their proper name is;


Betula utilis jacquemontii



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