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M Fent wrote (see)

Do you know if Alliums are scented?

Ive never stopped to consider that, but I don't think they are scented.


Alliums tend to smell of onions, some much stronger than others, but don't let that put you off 

Hmm, maybe not so good to have next to a patio??

I only smell onion if I get hold of an allium. I don't smell them if I leave them alone


As Nut says, they're fine if you leave them alone - it's when you cut them or bruise the leaves that they smell - and anyway, I don't dislike the smell.  

Sarah Raven describes some as sweet smelling. 


Hi  - I also have a manic dog but dont actually have any lawn.  Its a medium sized terrace garden and I have designed it to consist of deep shaped borders surrounding paved stone circle, path leading to decking, stepping up onto a patio etc.  The borders are deep and well stocked so the garden is very green and doesnt look sterile at all and the hard landscaping and seating areas mean that you move through the garden and dont really notice any lawn.

Hubby's only proviso with no lawn was that he had an area to sunbathe so there is some decking (with a very large palm tree growing through it) where he can set up his deckchair!





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