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We went to The Old Vicarage yesterday in Norfolk. It was fabulous. 30 acres of beautiful gardens.


Some more photos. We even met the owners and had our photo taken with Alan.


Lovely photos, thank you. I love that garden


Thanks for the tour BL. Beautiful gardens.   Looking forward to seeing roses tomorrow


Great pics, beautiful garden, may have to plan a visit soon. Thanks for posting 😊



It looks gorgeous Lizzie.  Plenty of ideas there.

Enjoy your rose visit today

Hi , yes lovely gardens , went with local garden club a couple of years go and really nice , glad you had a good day and weather looks good 


Fabulous photos Lizzie, thanks for sharing, I feel another trip coming on.


Lovely photos BL - will have to try to go back this summer.

It's up there with Hidcote & Sissinghurst for me - and maybe the best of those 3 because it still feels like an intimate, private garden full of personal quirks and taste. Love it! 

star gaze lily

Beautiful photos Lizzie. Thank you for sharing. Hope you're having a lovely time on your 'hols' 

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